Hit The Ground Running On This Berlin Weekend!

Bundle up a bit and check out some of these diverse openings happening around Berlin this weekend. From free soup, a bunch of Bootsbau-ses (what the hell is a Bootsbau, anyway?) to contemporary African art, we've got enough to keep you warm and satisfied this weekend! 

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Root Gallery – "Verlassen, vers la Seine, vers la source" Opening – 7pm

Ingeborg Rauss is having an on-going exhibition at Root Gallery, which is being interrupted by a Vernissage for Isabelle Lafeuille's new work. The works will be juxtaposed against each other, paring Rauss' visual inquiries into the symbolic and philosophical orders to interact with Lafeuille's modern/antique collages and re-imagined family photographs.

Trace Contemporary – "Converge" Opening – 6:30pm

A convergence of artists working in a primarily figurative style opens at Trace Contemporary, presenting a survey of ways of investigating both living presences and spaces they inhabit. Stefano Bosis and Beatriz Crespo bring painterly gestures to the forefront of depiction, while Emiliano Fernandez' photographs offer a whimsical lens onto the well-traveled world. Alongside Winston Torr's rough-hewn mixed-media assaults on canvas, this event promises to be engaging, to say the least. 

ifa-Galerie Berlin – "The Space between us" Opening – 7pm

We hope you've taken note of the billboards that The Space Between Us has rented for this show, offering city denizens and passers-by the opportunity to step into a gallery whether they like it or not- keep your eyes peeled for all the imagery from contemporary African artists and photographers. From the press release: “A reading room, a musical workshop, a film programme, city excursions and guided tours are further offers. The variety of formats – and their interconnections, the movements they provoke – mirrors the complexity and  the specificity of each medium, manifesting our mutual relationships and relating to the urban environment.” Tip! See you there!

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Neurotitan Gallery – "Trinity" Opening – 8pm

From the press release: “TRINITY is a group exhibition bringing together three artists with a long experience and background in various informal and formal artistic practices throughout the Balkans. The layered implications of the project central theme and title – TRINITY or ТROJSTVO in Bosnia-Croatian-Serbian language – are referring to both the multitude of inherent, local historical and cultural legacies and the immediate personal histories and relationships between the artists in question. These relations are interwoven with their personal artistic paths, often nomadic and focused on the informal rather than a traditional artists's struggle to climb the ladders of the fine art discourse. “ We checked it out via web and it looks promising, albeit a bit hipstery. See for yourself on Friday. 

Bootsbau – "What the hell is Bootsbau?"  Opening – 7:30pm

L'il Bootsbau Gallery, a cute little store / gallery / bookshop in Rixdorf, Neukölln is having a vernissage. They asked the finest selection of illustrators you could think of, “What the hell is Bootsbau?” Everyone answered in their own unique way, so get your Sherlock Holmes on and investigate the responses!

Galerie Sherin Najjar – "High Tides" Opening – 6pm

Artist Carlos Irijalba is interested in “the way in which Western culture recreates an abstract medium that loses all relations except to itself.” In this exhibition, he will present an installation based on research in a physical terrain trying to discover and uncover the relations between geology and the human condition. 

Saturday, September 28th, 2013

SAVVY Contemporary  – "Perpetual Travellers" Opening – 7pm

There is a lot of “art” in this opening. Several artists have come together to exhibit work about the “perpetual traveller,” who are people who travel a lot and make work while they are travelling. There are objects that are art and then there is a picture of a man's finger over a distant coastal landscape, which will be there as well.

Kreuzberg Pavillon – "No time to fall down" Opening – 8pm

Press release: “No time to fall down features introspective works by Philip Hausmeier, Michael Kilian Wagner, and Christine Cheung. Hinting at a subconscious space that lies beyond the surface of things, Philip Hausmeier’s geometric sculptures invite viewers to hover into another level of visual reality. Michael Kilian Wagner’s imagined paintings portray dark psychological portraits of otherness. Christine Cheung’s paintings of floating gestural marks and fragments, suggest a desire to grasp the inexplicable.Examined together, the viewers are confronted with a puzzle of divided selves, as is often experienced when waking from a dream. Delicious rich soup will be served.” Come for the soup and stay for the art!

Schau Fenster – "The artist as curator's art. Vol. III" Opening – 7pm

We know there will be music and several artists exhibiting, such as Clemens Behr and Jim Avignon. Curator Jan Kage compiled and organized this exhibition so we trust it will be awesome. See you there so we can work out the details together!

Article by Sofía Martinelli & Anu Ambasna