Hey, I’m Right Here!

In the last few years there has been a rush of curators arriving from all over the world to start a gallery or project space here in Berlin. This growth of gallery spaces was one of the reasons why I wanted to come here; however after I arrived, I realized that some of these galleries were nearly impossible to find in the labyrinth of the city’s streets. When you’re new to a city, you’ll inevitably get lost every now and then when you are en route to an opening, and god forbid you get so lost that you miss the exhibition. Accordingly, here is a guide to some of the more hidden art gems of Berlin!

Berlin’s Hidden & Hard To Find Art Galleries:

1) Club Midnight

If you find yourself wanting to see a show at digital art friendly gallery Club Midnight and are prepared to make the trek out to Kurfürstenstraße, be warned! There are no shining lights to lead your way and no glowing “X” that marks the spot.  Make sure you’ve written down the address correctly, because after going through the entryway, this small exhibition space is located on the second floor in a building located in the in the back right of the courtyard. Definitely worth the venture!


Gallery KWADRAT has a similar off the beaten path location. Off the Kottbusser Tor stop in Kreuzberg, KWADRAT is not only in a Hinterhof but also down a few steps before you enter this nice white cube. You’ll see a sign that will lead you in the right direction at the entryway, so have no fear! If I can find it, so can you.

3) September

September is another space located in Kotti. This one’s location is buried in a Russian Matryoshka doll of Berlin city architecture. Again in a Hinterhof, September is located a few floors up in tall business building. There are a few entry ways, however don’t commit to walking up a few levels of stairs before making sure you saw the September Gallery sign at the bottom. Once you’re at top, you’ll find a rather huge exhibition space, as well as a large, modern office. Congratulations! You’ve made it!

4) Kinderhook and Caracas

One final gallery that is worth the expedition is Kinderhook and Caracas in the far western border of Kreuzberg. The closest train is Yorckstaße, and after stopping here you still have some walking to do. When I go, I like to go by way of the Monumentenstraße bridge, as it provides a nice view of the city and leads to the entry way to the nearby train tracks, which host a few charming restaurants. Finally, hidden on a residential street is Kinderhook and Caracas! After this excursion you may want to relax, so nearby try out Viktoriapark (provided the sun is shining).

Article by James Shaeffer