Hey Doll: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

Spring has sprung! And even though it seems to have a tenuous grasp (I'm looking at you, 10 degree gloom), we're ready to party like it's 1999. Or August. 

Thursday May 23, 2013

idrawalotSolo Exhibition With Dana​ Damki – 7-11:30pm

Born in Frankfurt, Artist Dana Damki took a spin around the far corners of the globe (Hong Kong! Australia!) before landing back in Berlin in 2008. And boy are we glad she did. Her collection of cartoonish faces will populate idrawalot’s opening and should more than satisfy your serving of adorableness for the week. 

Galerie Invaliden1 “Schmutziger Schnee” opening – 6-9pm

In an effort to probe the disturbing phenomenon of great thinkers who stand idly by during horrific political times, artist Santiago Ydañez ‘touched up’ a series of books, portraits, and other knick-knacks from decades past. Among the featured works: A portrait of Hitler with a loony Dali mustache.  Seems like Ydañez will be taking no prisoners in his quest!

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien – “Berlin.Status [2]” opening – 7-10pm

We all know Berlin’s changing: more tourists, higher rent—all that damn English you hear in the streets! [Shoots self abruptly in foot.] Curators Sven Drühl and Christoph Tannert have decided to take stock of these changes with an eclectic exhibition from Berlin-based artists, all born between 1978 and 1984. The exhibition follows up on last year’s "Berlin.Status [1]" with multimedia reflections on the city. Stop on by and check out what’s changed!

Friday May 24, 2013

The Horse – Finissage and BBQ – 3-8pm

Enough with the vernissages—let’s have a finissage! In honor of the closing of  their currently-running group show "Hiding in Plain Sight,” Horse hosts a tasteful barbeque and a chance to catch the work for a last time before it disappears. So stop by Horse for a bit of meat—don't worry, there wont be any equine meat involved in this beef (hopefully).

ESDIP Berlin“Glue Addiction” opening – 8-11pm

The world is your oyster when you make a collage. You can put whatever you want in there: you being kissed by Justin Bieber, you being kissed by Angela Merkel, you trampling your ex to death while riding a unicorn. Well, how about you calmly set that collage aside and let some experts take over the cutting and pasting for a bit. Curated by Jorge Chamorro and featuring the work of five artists, “Glue Addiction” gives us the good old-fashioned stuff: hand-made collage crafted with glue and paper. Ah, just like mom used to make it.

Saturday May 25, 2013

Meet at FernsehturmThe Colour Parade – 3pm

We know you’re already itching to let your wild child out at this year’s Love parade. So Saturday should be a good time to let it preemptively loose at the Colour Parade; a parade with Australian origins that is enjoying its first stint outside of Oceania. According to the event's press, “it doesn't matter what you are, it matters THAT you are.” I’ll take that as an invitation to don my tie-dyed muumuu and head into the streets with my freak flag flying high!

Kater HolzigKatermarkt #13 – 2pm-9pm

Sometimes you’re at Kater Holzig and it’s six o’clock on a Sunday morning and your feet won’t stop moving and the DJ’s beats just can’t quit and you’re looking into the eyes of some Spanish teenager holding a hash pipe and you think this might be it—this might really be the night you just might finally be seeing God! Other times, you’re at Kater Holzig and all you’re looking for is a good place to hear some low-key music, grab a köfte, and explore what the vendors have to sell. Let’s hope that Saturday’s one of those latter days because Kater’s holding the 13th Katermarkt, and it’s a splendid place to get your weekly flea market fill. 

The Zone Berlin – Pretty Neukölln Zine Launch – 9:30pm

Put on your dancing shoes, sisters and brothers, cause we’ve got a party for you! The fine folks at Pretty Neukölln—a blog dedicated to finding the unexpectedly beautiful in every hipster’s favorite Kiez—are hosting this bash to celebrate the launch of their second zine. Deep into party hour (i.e. midnight) DJ’s Emil Doesn’t Drive and Studio Luce will take the reigns.

Article by Christopher Shea