Here’s Johnny!

One of the great things about Berlin is that it is not a 24/7 comsumerist city and things actually shut on a Sunday. This means you get to enjoy street art on the shutters, some of which can be really impressive like the pieces on the shutters of Pop Culture Warehouse at Heinrichplatz.

Here’s jonny” and he’s jumping right out of the shutters. Thankfully instead of an axe, Jack Nicholson is holding a spray can in this piece which is reminiscent of the famous scene from The Shining.

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A serious case of red-eye!

The gorilla on the other shutter stares out with scary red eyes, almost as scary as Nicholson’s crazed look. It’s very familiar but could be from a number of gorilla related films, King-KongPlanet of the Apes? I can’t recall or work out where it’s from so if any one has any suggestions please post!