Here Is The One Thing Museums, History And Science Won’t Really Teach You About

Photography by   
Obi Wolf

Photography by Obi Wolf

There are museums that show us how people lived
I’ve seen them, I’ve seen recreated living rooms with
fifties furniture, the formica surfaces and geometric wallpapers
or streets from 18th century England
with plastic horses and men

but where are the museums that show us how people loved?
where are the museums that show us the beds secret lovers shared
the letters whispering intensities
the caresses that made women see eternity
or made men forget death

the closest I got was how Victorian women mourned
a headless mannequin, dressed in black lace and cotton
perhaps mourning for a headless man too
but what of the hands with which she touched him?
what of all the hands who have touched the
skin of the person they loved?
there is nothing.

Submitted to ArtParasites by Isha Tracy