Here Comes The Sun: Our Berlin Weekend!

No, not everyone is on vacation. Surprisingly, the themes that this weekend offers are not all light as a summer breeze, these thoughtful projects will bring about controversial discussions. Ladies and gentlemen, those who still remain in our urban art jungle, let's fly away on this zephyr!

Friday, August 8th, 2013.

AJL ART – "Der DoiÇe wolf ist tot" Opening – 6pm

​Artist Maria Gimenez is a German born, Berlin based painter. "On first consideration, her paintings evoke a rough and expressive tenor and although the titles of Gimenez’s work pare lighthearted and even comical, the work itself is not." This line has us begging for more to see what paintings will be featured in her solo show and how they relate to this enigmatic title. 


The Wye"PurPur" Opening – 7pm

​A collective of 13 artists from Berlin, Sana'a and New York use the name purple to symbolise independence, creativity, mystery and magic. They will address the tensions between sex, identity and society by exploring what they feel this color represents. As an interesting note, purple drinks will be served! 

Akademie der Künste – "Mobile Urbanity" Opening – 7pm

​Visual artist Christoph Steffner presents life-form structures that resemble the world wide web as an operation system to understand modern dwelling forms. Different Installations, drawings and a hausing prototype showing the way in which cities operate will be exhibited by the artist. Once again: movement in the city—one hot topic lately!

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Christian Ehrentraut Gallery – "Steingrimur Eyfjord, Lou Hoyer, Gabriela Jolowicz" Opening – 5pm

​This event also features a collective from Iceland and Germany. As for Eyfjord’s merit list, he represented Iceland at 2007 Venice Biennale. Hoyer draws using black ink and Jolowicz represents city scenes through woodcuts. Can’t wait to see what brought these three together!

Helga Maria Bischoff – "Utopian Worlds" Opening – 6pm​
This solo exhibition is displaying the work of Matthias Zimmermann, a media artist from Switzerland. He works representing spaces visually and draws his inspiration from video game art, atmospheric design and Japanese Garden design. His artworks are very complex and detail parallel universes that seem to come from a science fiction book. We are always interested in seeing what other possible worlds have to offer. 

Galerie Jette Rudolph – "The Portal" Opening – 6:30pm

Berliner artist Dennis Rudolph, with the help of his art students at California City High School, worked on building a Portal that would symbolically join civilization and wilderness, east and west, hell and heaven. The materials used are paintings, texts and sketches; a patchwork to connect bit by bit reality as understood in different places. Counting with the input of Rudolph and motivated students, we can’t wait to see the output!

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

KWADRAT – Gib mir das Sommerloch II Opening – 5pm

"Give me the summer slump." I guess after a long week, that is what we are all craving. Maybe artist Jurgen Ostarhild has just what we need. During the opening, a never before seen video about Martin Kippenberger will be displayed and the general theme is the brotherhood between faith and drinking. Yes, that's right, beer and the church. Looks like a memorable night!

Exp12 – "Privado / Book of Life" Opening – 7pm

​Buenos Aires artist Karin Idelson works with Berliner artist Anke Schüttler in a joint project. Privado is a set of images and recordings gathered at cybercafes, where the loneliness of virtual interaction happens, paradoxically, around the company of others. Book of life is a photographic journey exploring Berlin to unveil its visual codes. A great combo portraying two thrilling cities!

SAVVY Contemporary – "The Myth of Proportional Response"  Opening – 7pm

Artists Alejandro Vidal and Ibrahim Quraishi exhibit their photographic work, videos and installations to display contemporary angst regarding political violence and dissent. They present art as a weapon of awareness to show how media filters content to tame and enforce an obliging society. An ever-relevant topic that faces us once more in the State vs. Citizens dynamic—not to be missed!