Headliner Weekend In Berlin!

Extra! Extra! A slew of weekend art events coming right up! Whether you want to paint the body of a stock-still artist or relax at a film screening, we've got what you didn't know you were looking for:

Thursday June 6, 2013

Club der Visionäre – “Groove Noir” Dance Party – 2pm

According to the Facebook event, Groove Noir “means deep and dark electronic music for ass and brain.” Damn. If even the marketing language gets my loins a-creeping, I can’t wait to see what the effect of the shore-side music event is when I get to be there IRL.

Idrawalot – We Saw the Future“ Opening – 7pm

The always-worthwhile Idrawalot welcomes a brand new exhibit-baby kicking and screaming into the world. With this new solo exhibition, artist Danilo Omwisye draws (literally and figuratively) from his travels across the world, blending human forms with fauna in both small works and murals drawn on the gallery walls!


Tanya Leighton Gallery – Talk with Aleksandra Domanović and Carson Chan – 7:45pm

Early this month, BAPs suggested you head on over to Aleksandra Domanović’s "The Future Was at Her Fingertips” at Tanya Leighton. Did you enjoy the show? Oh, you haven't checked it out yet?! Catch the artist as she chats with architecture writer and curator Carson Chan in the gallery space today. A sure-fire spot to stimulate the mind as well as the eye-sockets.

Friday June 7, 2013

X Lab – The Last X-Lab Show – 6pm

This month, the X Lab—a venue dedicated since 2009 to showcasing interdisciplinary work—shuts its doors. So stop by for a final show featuring music, artwork, live visuals, and, of course, aperitifs. Drop a charitable dime at the art market, or sink back and enjoy your last time at X Lab. According to X Lab, both party and after-party will go late.

The Wye – Louise Bourgeois Film Screenings – 7pm

The intriguingly-titled  'Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine" gets a special screening at the Wye, courtesy of the good folks of the Berlin Film Society. Thursday’s screening at the Soho House is already sold out, though, so make sure to book your tickets circa NOW.

Leipziger Strasse Park – "Infernoesque" Opening – 7pm

The yearly “Infernoesque” begins this Friday. The fourteenth weekend-long architectural installation exhibit takes place this year in a park on Leipziger Strasse. Visitors are welcomed to explore the installation from both outside and in throughout its run—but you should head to the opening to catch a one-time-only projection piece by artist Adele Röder!

Saturday June 8, 2013

Akademie Der Künste – Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften – 4pm

This Saturday night, Berlin’s universities fling their doors wide to the world with the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Berlin’s most debauched, sex-maniacal…. Wait. No. The Lange Nacht is a staid affair, offering visitors the chance to visit university campuses to chat with biology students, or take crash courses in Finnish for 15 minutes. Still, there’s ample fun to be had. The Akademie der Künste will feature an exhibition from the interdisciplinary team of the Rethinking Prototyping working group, while the Senatsaal at Humboldt University will play host to a multidisciplinary exhibit on Great Britain that features, among other things, authentic British brews.

SAVVY Contemporary – “Intimités” Opening – 7pm

Paris-based curator Yves Chatap has assembled a smorgasbord of “artistic experiments” from artists of French-African backgrounds for this meditation on the theme of migration. The exhibition focuses on photography and video work that promises a “swarm of visions and perspectives” on its theme. 

Tresor Berlin – “Zweimaler” performance/installation & “Äquilibrium” film premiere – 9pm

Double the fun this weekend at Tresor, where Candy Louis will perform her piece “Zweimaler” before the premiere of the short experimental film “Äquilibrium.” The first half of the double-header offers guests the chance to create their own artwork by painting on the artist-performer’s body.

Article by Christopher Shea