Haunted Party: It’s never too soon for Halloween!

Still haven’t had a chance to go to the exhibition “that sunny dome, those caves of ice” at the gallery Cruise & Callas? Well, tonight is your last chance! A bound to be unforgettable finissage party is set to take place this evening. Head on over for a night of great art, great music (with the artist’s favourite DJ’s Iron Curtis and Edit Piafra playing) and great films! You definitely don’t want to miss it!

The title of this solo exhibition was taken from a poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge written under the influence of opium – what else?! And the artist promises that  the dichotomy of the exhibition’s title will be experienced by the visitor while walking through the facilities. The show starts with abstract paintings, followed by self-portraits photographs and, in the end, the screening of a film.

Unfortunately, the video projected during the previous days of the exhibition won’t be exhibited in the closing party. But instead they will show some excerpts of influential classical Japanese ghost films and that will be really interesting for sure! 

We interviewed the artist last week and you’ll have the chance to meet with her in person tonight as well! She once lived in Tokyo and is a big fan of japanese food (she also told us where to get the best crazy vegan cakes in Berlin!). Join us for a spooky evening – why wait for October to celebrate Halloween?