Grin And Bear It

As part of European Month of Photography artistic duo Benten Clay will present their latest “installation network” at Plattenpalast.

A highly political artistic duo formed of Vera Hofmann and Sabine Schründer, Benten Clay is based in Berlin but has a fascination with Nordic countries and their importance in regards to energy sources. Their main concerns are environmental, and their goal is to create artwork for a sustainable future through the long term project “Age of an End,” which looks at our planet’s current fragile condition. Hofmann’s background in business and advertising coupled with Schründer’s background in photography provides the perfect foundation for this, mixing creativity with corporate savvy.

Consisting of photographic and film notes, their latest piece “Broken Promise” (like some of their other pieces such as “The Surface of Displacement“) concentrates on Iceland and its embodiment of promise – an idyllic, pure white, distant landscape, slowly being exploited for its resources.

Idyllic Iceland?

As energy companies and governments search for prevention of sky rocketing energy prices, Iceland’s future looks dubious. In their piece Benten clay explore projects for energy production, government involvement and the consequences of interfering with nature, all of which may cause you to think twice before turning the heating up. Despite Iceland having one of the highest standards of living in the world, how long can this go on?

Tree huggers take note, and take the chance to see this exhibition ahead of Benten Clay’s future projects for another book and a Portugal based project based on water coming soon.

Article by Marie J Burrows