Graffito Girls

Walking in to Graffito: The Voice of the Common Man at the WYE was like walking in to a warm, bright cave of pure awesomenes – the crowd was young, the art was fun, and it felt like everyone was your best friend. From the crazy artists, to a silver DJ, to the VAGE girls running around the WYE in ski masks – yea, it was one wild night! If you happened to miss the event last Thursday, don’t worry, the VAGE girls still have more up their sleeve in the coming weeks! Halloween plans yet? We all know how these crazy ladies dress-up normally, so you know their Halloween Turbo Tuesday costume party October 31st at f.u.c. Bar is going to be a night to remember. The event will feature American artist Medium Steve and Scottish DJ Chris Glen, the organizer of the Fish Bowl and Buzz Club.- Comedy nights. Come dressed up in your most creative costume, but be warned, the girls might have a couple of pranks up their sleeves so you might want to watch your drinks!

But that’s not all, if you missed Graffito the good news is, this pop-up exhibition was just the first of many. Next month’s event on November 8 is still in planning but word on the street is Sepr, 3Dom, and Deamz – three very influential street artists at the top of their game will all be exhibiting. They are flying in all the way from Bristol and this is their first show in Berlin so you know it’s going to be good. Stay tuned to learn the show’s theme and check out our Parasite Invasion video from Graffito with interviews with Elfriedes, and the VAGE girls – George Ironside and Vanessa Brazeau!


  • f.u.c. Bar “Turbo Tuesday Vol. 23″ October 30-31st 2012. Stay tuned to berlin-artparasites for more exclusive details on this halloween event!

 Article and Video by Kirsten Hall