Girls Hungry For Art

The exhibits have all been taken down, the floors swept clean, the paint splatters scrubbed away, and everyone has gone back to their normal lives after Berlin Art Week…now all that remains is the lingering aroma of hipster (organic after shave, incense, and tahini). For us here at BAPS, Art Week was a bit of a combination of Animal House and the running of the bulls in Pamploma. So we had to call in the big guns and hire extra reporters for additional coverage. We laughed, we cried, we yelled…but the one thing that none of us did was SLEEP! 

We offer you now an inner glimpse into the team behind Berlin Art Week as two of our reporters, Adele Barnau and Marie Burrows, share their own personal journey through Berlin’s art jungle.


Adele Barnau talking to “The Chicken Lady” Sophia Daly Rossin

Get us the Young and beautiful, the Freaks and Weirdos!: 

Adele Barnau’s personal experience reporting on Berlin Art Week

I had three “firsts” last week:  First time at Berlin Art Week. First time as a reporter. First time at an art fair. Does this sound exciting? It sure was! I was based at Preview Berlin and bustled all about the artsy hurly-burly to report right from the frontline. 

You might think that as a reporter at Berlin Art Week you get to know a bunch of interesting people, interview the most outstanding artists in town, and party hard with all of them. Hell yeah you do! Well, … sort of. After a long reporting day, I was just too exhausted for the “party hard”-part. And…er, the “interesting people”-part should also be revised. I had interviews with the most uptight gallery owners and dullest art fair visitors ever. Yep, had to be said. Those were difficult moments, guys! Especially, as the task for us reporters was stated quite clearly by artparasites’ upper hierarchy: “Get us the young and beautiful, the freaks and weirdos!”

And then, they were suddenly there: Penis-nose-guy  and his gorgeous actor/model/artist-girlfriend. The wild and tipsy chicken lady. The art fair crasher. Those were the quirky characters that made the art week what it was: a colorful explosion of fascinating people and awesome art! Can’t wait for next year’s edition! Berlin Art Week 2013, I’m ready for you!

Article by: Adele Barnau

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