Getting More Social

It’s time to get offline to discuss the importance of being online. With more than 130 events over five days, Social Media Week in Berlin promises to show the power of a connected global society. Social Media platforms have undeniable affected our lives. It has been changing not only the way we communicate, but also the way we think and behave. And it’s changing both our private and professional lives. But how does it affect the art world? On Monday September 24th 2012, ARTCONNECT Berlin offers a full day of activities at Naherholung Sternchen, which explore how the art world in Berlin is affected by social media. 

The Social Media Day at ARTCONNECT starts with something that many art enthusiasts in Berlin are already familiar with: The Networking Breakfast. It’s always a good opportunity to new new people and exchange ideas about art over delicious food. For this particular breakfast, they have a special guest: The crew from Inkubato, who will talk about how using crowd-funding for creative projects. Later on, there will be various art performances, lectures about online performative art and a discussion panel set to explore how social media changes the way we see, make and consume art.

Finally, explore online connectedness in person – the fun way: Later on in the week (Wednesday September 26th 2012), there will be a dance party where you can “dance with someone in Chicago” in a cross-city house party, livestreaming to a bar in Berlin. See you on the dance floor! 

  • Naherholung Sternchen ARTCONNECT Berlin Art Day @ Social Media Week. Monday September 24th 2012: 10am-7:30pm. Free entry. Full schedule available here

Article written by Chris Phillips