Getting Down With The Euro

It’s that time again! The weekend is back!  Once again we’ve got our top tips for Berlin’s best gallery openings and art parties, and this week there’s no shortage of choices. Start your weekend out right by heading down to Retramp gallery in Neukölln where all art is handmade and only costs a euro! Then cruise on up to Friedrichshain for video in a mobile home at “Die Kleinste Show Der Welt – 2”  Friday head over to the Freies Museum for some, that’s right, “Extreme Crafts”. Or perhaps it’s comics you fancy? This Saturday you’re in luck! AID Berlin is bringing you the boys from MOGA MOBO and they’ve got comics for everyone.  So go out, have fun, and get your art on – and live as inexpensively as possible!

Thursday, August 2nd 2012

Retramp Gallery  Y€$ 1 €uroshop -7pm

What?  It only costs a euro?  Art and Handmade objects on the cheap!  Head on down to Retramp gallery for an evening of art consumption that won’t break the bank. 

Galerie im Turm Group Show, Typosphäre -7pm

Drawing vs. Print, Calligraphy vs. Typography, Discuss.  See how 8 artists from 3 countries interpret text in both Latin and Chinese scripts. 

Galerie im Turm Stephan Demming ,Die kleinste Show der Welt 2,  -7pm

Climb into a tent, or step into a mobile home to see what nuns and the circus have in common.  It’s all here packed into small spaces at Der kleinste Show der Welt 2.  All animals welcome!

Naherholung Sternchen The Fishbowl Launch Party – 8pm

Chris Glen and Neil Numb present an evening of art, English comedy, music, DJs, and 2 RC flying fish (whatever those are!) to launch the opening of the Fishbowl event space.

The Wand Group Show, Sleep Disorders 4-10pm

Can’t sleep?  Something eating at you from within?  Perhaps this is the show for you.  Sleep disorders examines themes ranging from the quiet to the unsettled to the distressed, all happening inside you.

Find our Thursday Opening Tour Map here.

Friday, August 3rd 2012


Freies Museum Group Show, Extreme Crafts -7pm

Just how exactly do we view crafts?  Extreme Crafts puts crafts not only in the art context, but shows craft as a medium for conceptual and participatory art. 

Supermarkt Group Show, Architecture as Human Nature – 7pm-10pm

Architecture: What is it?  What can it be?  Questions like this are asked and answered through installation, video, performance, and much more at Architecture as Human Nature.  How many ways can you present architecture?  Go to Supermarkt and see the possibilities.

Find our Friday Opening Tour Map here.

Saturday, August 4th 2012

Chert Gallery Camera Austria – Magazine Presentation, drinks, BBQ for Natalie Czech – Book launch, presentation, and Q&A  – 7pm

Have your art and eat it too! Artist Natalie Czech and the magazine Camera Austria come together to investigate the relationship between photographic image and text.  You’ll have the chance to ask the artist questions and to enjoying drinks and a BBQ. 

Duve Berlin Steff Loewenbaum, Discord from Duality -6pm

Artist Steff Loewenbaum puts on a 6 hour exhibition to mark the final day of Duve before the space moves to Kreuzberg.  Go to see experimentation between light and space,and stay for the after party.

AID Berlin Group Show, Comics and Graphic Novels -7pm

The Akademie für Illustration und Design Berlin brings the work of the Berlin comic goup MOGA MOBO together for this new show.  MOGA MOBO has been producing comics for over 18 years.  “Comics for everyone” is their motto.  It’s ours too!

Find our Saturday Opening Tour Map here.