Gettin’ Real Low

Three skateboard punks are terrorizing the streets of Berlin! However these hoodlums are not men; they are animals. The trio of beastly shredders is the latest creation of siblings Chris and Florin Schmidt, aka Low Bros––a street art team based in Berlin. After garnering a lot of attention for their paintings and murals of wildlife with blocky facial features, the brothers are taking their art to the big screen. The skateboarders introduced in the video (made in collaboration with Editude Pictures) are the three main characters of the Low Bros’ latest exhibition: Menace Beach. After seeing their artwork not only around Berlin but also on walls in both Europe and Asia, BAPs managed to catch the brothers during their showcase at Pictoplasma last weekend to find out more about these rising graffiti all stars.

7685613416_a264770bd0 Nicolas Barrome x Low Bros x Dulk via Low Bros Flickr           

You could say that Chris and Florin (born respectively in 1982 and 1984 in Hamburg) began their careers in their mid-teens. At the age of 11 Chris found a passion for skateboarding, whereas Florin decided to dive into the world of graffiti. Chris would later start painting under a pseudonym, and it wouldn’t be until 2011 that they decided to join forces under one moniker. Playing on the idea that graffiti is a “low brow” art, the brothers appropriately decided to henceforth be known as the Low Bros. They then began to develop a body of work, which Chris assures me took a while to master.

“Feels like it took as long as it used to learn a kick flip, like a year; however these days kids are learning how to do things so much faster because of the Internet,” he tells me.

Nature Meets The City

Inspired both by skateboarding culture and the wildlife that surrounded the two during their childhood in West Germany, they have become known for their unique aesthetic. Imagine a psychedelic leopard with a baseball cap and sunglasses shredding along Skalitzer Straße, or a flamingo in checkerboard shoes and thigh high socks, and you have an idea of the Low Bros’ animalistic world. By combining nature and urbanity, it’s no surprise they have gotten considerable attention both online and around the world. This last year, for example, they were invited to create what is now the largest mural in Bangkok