Get your Skates on!

Thursday 28th Openings

Isabella Bortolozzi Etablissement d’en Face Brussels, “Celluloid Brushes”, 6pm

For all you film buffs, what happens when the film starts watching YOU? This group of artists documents filmic perceptions from as far back as 1267!

Note On Thomas Baldischwyler, “Mythology as Criterion of Falsifiability – A Laughing Matter? News about the Apocalypse”, 7pm

The End of the world or the dawning of a new age? Baldischwyler playfully considers the concept of the apocalypse. To make sure no one starts feeling too glum at the thought of total world destruction there will also be a musical workshop at the event to lift everyone’s spirits!

Sprüth Magers Berlin David Maljkovi? “A Long Day for the Form”, 6 – 8pm

Avant Garde architecture meets the soundtrack of crickets in order to inspire thoughts of an absent past or a future yet to be formed. And here I was thinking the noise of crickets was annoying….let’s see if art can change this view!

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Friday 29th Openings:

Akademie der Kunste Symposium “Fiktion Okzident. Eine Intervention zur deutsch-türkischen Kulturgeschichte (Fiction of the West: An intervention of the German-Turkish Cultural History)”, 6pm

This event deals with the perceptions and stereotypes that float between the Germans and the Turks, exploring the connections and complexities that exist within the inter country relationship. Why not get into the spirit of things after a drink or two and pick up a Turkish kebab, something that is never far away in Berlin!

Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien Group Exhibition, “Journey to Jerusalem”, 7pm

A host of artists from different religious backgrounds explore their own personal ideas of faith; its boundaries, traditions and fascinations.

Carlier | Gebauer Group Exhibition, “BERLIN PARIS; A Gallery Exchange”, 4pm

As part of an ongoing project involving sixty different artists, Galerie Marcelle Alix brings a touch of French Culture across the border to Berlin. Ooh la la!

Wentrup Gallery Julian Wasser, “The Passenger”, 6 – 9pm

When photographer Julian Wasser was a teenager he installed a police radio in his father’s car and drove around the streets of Washington DC photographing all the crimes that he could find. In his latest exhibition he will focus on less distressing images of personalities from the arts.

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Saturday 30th Openings:

Peres Projects Group Exhibition, “One Day at a Time”, 7 – 10pm

A conglomerate of North American artists gathers to show off their personal interpretations of the term ‘Abstract Art’; see whose technique you find most effective!

Kino Arsenal Xiaolu Guo “How is your fish today?/ She, a Chinese”, 8pm

The Chinese novelist and film-maker Xiaolu Guo creates a cross cultural dialogue between China and Great Britain in her latest work screening at Kino Arsenal. Don’t forget 6,50EUR for entry!

Tanya Leighton David Levine, “Light Matter – Performance”, 8pm

The performance artist explores Abstract Expressionism through video clips, phone calls and legal documents.

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