Get Your Hands On Some Art This Weekend!

There's a feast in for your senses this weekend with painting, graphic design, audio, film, performance and street art.—and rare offering of Red Stripe and Jamaican food. Be ready to get involved!

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Forum Factory – "New Berlin Painters Exhibition 3" Opening – 6pm

The New Berlin Painters are a trio consisting of Paul Vogeler, Moritz Hoffmann and Eoin Llewellyn. The explosive work by Hoffmann contrasts nicely against the calmer and more emotional paintings from Vogeler, alongside Llewellyn's slightly aggressive images. The press release promises "authentic art," so see for yourself! 

Betahaus – "ReciproCity: Graphic Influences"  Opening – 7pm

We're really digging the look of this exhibition, which has been curated by Mucho, a graphic design studio in Europe and the US. If you guessed that this exhibition would involve ten of the most relevant graphic design studios from Berlin and Barcelona, then you guessed correctly: ReciproCity explores the similarities between German and Spanish societies. 

Kunstlerhaus Bethanien – "Fock, Madan, Manna, Michael, Schmidt" Opening – 7pm

Although we are slightly overwhelmed at the thought of five solo exhibitions (yes, five!), Künstlerhaus Bethanien never disappoints. The diverse array of work presented to us by Carsten Fock, Emmanuel Madan, Jumana Manna, Panayiotis Michael and Kevin Schmidt promises to be a feast for the eyes. 

Yaam Berlin – "StreetArt Meeting Berlin 2013" Opening – 12pm 

Street artists from all over the world have used the walls inside Yaam beach-club as their canvas. This exciting event offers live painting, a street art market, several workshops and even Red Stripe – a rare sight in Berlin. 

Friday, October 11th, 2013

AJLart – "Olaf Hajek: Still Life" Opening – 6pm

Olaf Hajek's "Still Life" exhibition has nothing still about it – the paintings show beauty, vibrancy and a hint of a surreal fantasy. Not only is Hajek an amazing painter, but he's also an extremely talented illustrator! We're really into his work, just incase that wasn't obvious enough. 

Seven artists from Berlin have joined together to create a series of exhibitions. For each exhibition, the artists create new pieces of artwork as a response to the space and character of the exhibition space, and they also deal with their own culture and history. Intensely good. 

Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Exile – "Hanne Lippard < > Gwenn Thomas"  Opening – 7pm

We know not to judge a book by its cover, but if Exile's website is anything to go by, this exhibition is going to be pretty cool. Gwenn Thomas creates complex and abstract pieces using a variety of medias and alongside Hanne Lippard's film and audio installations, it'll be a workout for your senses!

Marburger Drei – "Ulrich Wulff"  Opening – 6pm

Here is a selection of Ulrich Wilff's minimal oil paintings, which are "anointed with the dead bodies of narrative. They are completed through and with narrative, to give the soul insight into the now of painterly construction." We'll let you decide – we're certainly excited. 

Feldbuschwiesner – "GL Brierley – Tender Folds" Opening – 6pm

GL Brierley is a painter from London with a highly reputable MA degree from the Royal College of Art. Need we say more? Her paintings study the grotesque, repulsion, seduction and an odd form of beauty (the most prominent aspect in her work). 

Schönleinstraße 33 – "A Thin Place: Clay Mediation" Live performance – 4pm & 9pm

Ian Giles' performance piece, Clay Meditation, is part of an experimental exhibition curated by Amanda Schmitt that explores ideas of space and boundaries. Featuring numerous audio and visual installations, there'll be plenty to see. Ah yes: Giles' performance is participatory, so be ready to get involved! 

Article by Anu Ambasna