Get Your Geek On

Tomorrow’s blogparty at Galerie oqbo will feature active bloggers Andreas Töpfer, Hannes Becker and Sandra Kellein, who will question artistic blogging and why artists throw their work out into the emptiness of the web! All guests are in the creative sector and all using their blogs to get themselves known! Want to learn more about the dos and don’ts of blogging? Join the blogparty for some discussion, networking, and real life bonding.

A What Party?!

This all sounds interesting enough, but first things first: What is a blog party? I’ve heard of birthday parties, traffic-light parties, raves and tea parties, but blog parties are new to me! Considering blogging is the new “in” thing to do to, blog parties must be the new “in” parties to go to! There will be a question and answer game and a look at other artists’ blogs, so it will be a great evening to learn more about blogging and to socialise and get tips from your fellow bloggers!


Galerie oqbo blogparty, May 31st 2012, 8 – 11pm