Get Your Creep On This Weekend!

As always, there’s painting, music, photography and delicious hot soup. From hip hop played on the accordion to patterns and sculpture, we’ve got it all covered for you.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013 

Gestalten – "An Evening Celebrating 20 Years of Mutabor" Event – 6pm

It's Mutabor Design's 20th birthday! They've put a book together to celebrate the people behind Mutabor's success: "A book about the magic of the closed room, where collaboration leads to creativity and where friendship empowers design." They're also inviting us to get wasted with them. We hope there's a free bar.

Souterrain – "Ronny Lichinski & Sarah Steiner: Diaphone WAYS" Opening – 7pm  

We love these mysterious exhibitions where there's limited information and we have to piece the puzzle together. Diaphone Ways is a collaboration between Ronny Lischinski and Sarah Steiner. Judging from both of the artist's repertoire, there's promises of illustration, painting and installations.

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Mrs. T – "Pop-Up Art Gallery Vernissage" – 6pm

An "exciting" and "fresh" group of artists from all over the world. There's everything from illustration and photography to painting and design. The exhibition is only around for a week so be sure not to miss it, as it really does promise to be fresh.

Duve Berlin – "The Days of Candy Shop: Lina Lapelyte (week 5)" Performance – 6:30pm​

Candy Shop is a live performance part of the exhibition, "RESEARCH 'N' MOTION" by Roman Liška. "Candy Shop reworks the games of power that are embedded in the rap songs into lullabies, narrating the story about beauty, gender and the mundane. On rare occasions Candy Shop turns into an opera." Give us rap songs and we're eating out of the palm of your hand.

Kaufhaus Jandorf – "Your Mom's Agency: Twist in My Sobriety" Opening – 7pm 

A Twist in My Sobrierty is an independent photography and installation exhibition showcasing 9 artists, presented by Your Mom's Agency. Apparently it gets straight to the point with "sober images that hint at the stupor found in society and nature, with a twist."

The WYE – "To The Mountains" Opening – 7pm

Danny Peschl's To The Mountains "captures individuals and imagery from the high places of Europe. Taken at a variety of evocative locations at elevation across the continent, this series evokes the power of the peaks and the strange fire and passion of the individuals who populate them." His dark and surreal images create incredible and inciting stories. One not to be missed!

​Neurotitan – "Muster" Opening – 7pm

Muster, a collaboration between Pura Kauf, Sandra Smith and Bilbo Calvez explores patterns in various forms, specifically in everyday life. "Virtually every facet of our existence is pervaded by patterns."

Loftus Hall – "Pornceptual: Masquerade Porn" Party – 11pm

The perfect party to get naked at. It's okay, you're allowed. With art performances, film, erotic photography and music, Masquerade Porn has it all – even stoned sex therapy. Put on your mask and get kinky.

​Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Galerie Sandra Buergel – "Die Blendung" Opening – 7pm

Die Blendung, an exhibition based on the book by Elias Canetti. The concept of the exhibition "may indicate a longing for connection and a longing for a physical manifestation of a mixing of eras, as there is solace in seeing one's own horror subsumed in the horror of earlier witnesses." Eerie.

Kunsthalle M3 – "Entering Space" Opening – 7pm

Entering Space exhibits work from international young artists Wolfgang Flad, Philip Hausmeier, Eliana Heredia, Kathrin Köster, Maria Muñoz, Brenna Murphy, Fernanda Trevellin, and Raul Walch. They individually explore "the spatial development of sculpture" and the changing boundaries of painting, sculpture and viewer's space. Expect a lot of space!

Kreuzberg Pavillon – "TÖNUNG" Opening – 8pm
"TÖNUNG literally means 'shading,' but also includes the german word 'Ton' for 'sound.'" This exhibition at Kreuzberg Pavillon (yes, there will be soup!) exhibits four different art forms that have been "extended in connection to a layer of sound."
Article by Anu Ambasna