Get the Scoop on Youth

Tonight head down to gallery C/O to celebrate the opening of their latest exhibition in the series ‘Talents’, a project which aims to give both photographers and art critics a leg up on the career ladder. This time around welcome photographer Daniel Seiffert, who as a child found himself torn between the career paths of a pilot and a documentary film-maker, yet today he lands confidently closer to the later. After studying at the Ostkreuz School of Photography he has emerged with a distinct style; an anthropological kind of photojournalism.


Daniel Seiffert

 Daniel Seiffert: Powerhouse Youth. Courtesy Of C/O


The Berlin-born photographer spent a year documenting the lives of young people in the South Eastern towns of Brandenburg. Here, he found the “shrinking cities” of Finsterwalde, Hoyerswerder, and Lübbenau; places which although once thrived under the GDR find themselves now gripped by recession, unemployment and declining populations. What his pictures focus on is the way in which his subjects personal growth coincides with the deterioration of their hometowns, and how these two paths often run completely counter to one another.


Witness those trapped in the volatile space between adulthood and childhood congregate not only in industrial wastelands and urban landscapes but also in more private spaces such as stairwells, high school balls and their own apartments. Despite the bleak settings, this has been predicted to be an exhibition emanating a sense of new beginning. Check it out and let us know what you think!


  • C/O Daniel Seiffert “Talents 28: Powerhouse Youth” Opening times: 11am – 8pm daily (Opening: Tonight at 7pm)