Get Fancy This Weekend!

Put away the leftover Christmas cookies, get off the LA-Z-Boy and get out the door! Christmas is over and the NYC art world is slowly getting back into it’s flow and action-packed routine of openings, closings and everything in between. Truth be told, this week is a bit too slow for us Artparasites as galleries are still holidaying, vacationing or awaiting the new year to present their latest shows. But for you, our very special readers, we’ve put together a list of the top openings and closing happening this weekend – with some already-running exhibitions that we strongly recommend to fill the gaps and your art needs. Make the most of the rest of 2012!

Thursday, December 27th 2012

Able Fine Art “Illusions” Group Exhibition with Hasako Kobayashi, Jin-Seob Yun and Denise Petit Caplan – 12-6pm

Was Christmas just an illusion? We hope not! Take a break from the post-consumerist adrenaline plunge that typically follows this let’s-see-how-much-we-can-gift-wrap season and dive into the abstract and delightful sculpture and painting exhibition currently on display at Able Fine Art. Together, Hasako Kobayashi, Jin-Seob Yun and Denise Petit Caplan put on a stellar show with vibrant and whimsical works that will add the much-needed color to your post-Christmas (and pre-New Years) lull.


Blue Mountain Gallery – Douglas Anderson Exhibition – 5-8pm

Douglas Anderson returns to Blue Mountain Gallery for his first solo show since 2006 with a series of abstract images on paper, including drawings with graphite pencil. “Drawing his inspiration from the masters of calligraphy of China and Japan, who sometimes describe their approaches as “walking” or “running” styles, Anderson, in these new paintings, has created whole universes with no more than black ink or pencil. He is attracted to the metaphor walking/running and thinks it describes perfectly his attempts to draw at the speed of thought, which is sometimes slow and ponderous and sometimes faster than the hand can record.”

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Friday, December 28th 2012

Leila Heller Gallery – “The Young Collectors Exhibition” – 12-6pm

We recently reviewed the latest exhibition at Leila Heller Gallery and really recommend a visit to this salon-style exhibition with 114 works from over 30 artists. There’s something for everyone – whether large-scale abstract paintings are your thing or experimental photography. While there is no special event planned for the exhibition this Friday, we still recommend a visit to get some ideas for art must-haves in 2013. Start collecting, Artparasites! What are you waiting for?

Churner and Churner – Nils Karsten “Surburbia Hamburg 1983″ Exhibition – 10am-6pm

Get youthful and edgy this weekend with a trip to Nils Karsten’s latest exhibition! Karsten channels memories of his youth through artwork consisting of woodcuts, collages and paintings. His woodcut prints of album covers and “historic typewritten moments” present highlights from the punk and postpunk movements that influenced him in his adolescene; moments and movements that have most likely been formative in your own upbringing and self-realization as well. Read our review of the exhibition here

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Saturday, December 29th 2012

QF Gallery – Nick Weber “Eighteen Years of Painting People” Closing Reception -3-5pm

Nick Weber’s paintings are intimate, intricate and rich in color and mood. His most recent paintings directly reference internet pornography. Most of his works are years in the making – painted over and over, sanded, then painted again and re-sanded, the artist’s hand and passion for his art are very present and felt while looking at his works. Be sure to catch the closing reception at QF Gallery!

Michael Mut Gallery: I Refuse: The Art of Breaking Exhibition – 7-9pm

Who says Martial Arts isn’t an art? Artist John lee combines Martial Arts and Fine Arts in an exhibition that is bound to blow you away. John Lee’s artwork is produced “via the practicum of violence, aggression and movement. Lee’s body acts simultaneously as a paint brush, calligraphy brush, and lethal weapon. From mono-chrome canvases which crystallize the impact of shattered glass vessels blown and then filled with paint to mass surfaces which capture a calligraphic chart of John Lee’s break dancing movement, the singular goal of this performative process is to refuse the Western Tradition of canonic painting and to refuse to oppress inner violence.” Be sure to check out this non-traditional form of art at the opening on Saturday!

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