Get Down and Dirty Holiday Style

At BAPS we know that although the holidays are filled with great food, dear friends, and loving family, sometimes you just need a way to spice things up. And although I’m no Martha Stewart, every now and then I find myself itching for an art project to keep myself occupied. So, in the spirit of the formerly incarcerated Ms. Stewart and this special time of year, I offer you a Contemporary Art Christmas Creation Spectacular in homage to my all-time favorite piece of holiday art: Paul McCarthy’s “Chocolate Santa with Butt Plug.”


Paul McCarthy has a long history of critiquing the simultaneously commodified and culturally sacred nature of Christmas while employing food in his practice; in 2007 he turned an entire gallery into a working chocolate factory to produce the masterpiece “Santa with Butt Plug” because, as he put it, “I kept talking about doing this…I decided this was the year.” In spirit and in practice, Mr. Mcarthy, we applaud you.


santa_with_buttplugThe inspiration: Paul McCarthy’s “Santa with Butt Plug.” Photo: FaceMePLS


Step 1: Gather your materials. You will need:

–  A Plastic Santa, no more than 6 inches high

–  A small butt plug (I recommend this one on

–  A packet of Alginate. Alginate is the material dentists use to make molds of your teeth, so it is completely safe to use with edibles, like chocolate. Alginate is also available online here (ahh the miracles of modern life)

–  An empty plastic yogurt container big enough to hold your Santa and butt plug with at least 1 inch to spare on the sides and 2 inches on top (see below)

–  2 popsicle sticks

–  A glue gun

–  12 oz of chocolate (white or dark, your choice)


Step 2: Heat up your glue gun and attach the butt plug to Santa’s outstretched hands. Don’t worry, it only feels like blasphemy until you can munch on his chocolate head. Make sure the plug and the jolly giver of gifts are well-connected.


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