Get Dirty

The 77 Stolen Fish art collective based in Berlin is presenting “Heavy composition in white (the game)” at Panke in Wedding on Monday October 8th 2012 and are encouraging Berlin art enthusiasts to come get involved in their performance! An entrancing mix of poise, teamwork and fluid motion, the game consists of four players. They attempt to get from A to B as a group, eyes shut, sense of touch leading the way along a winding dirt path around the performance space, starting and ending in a large mound of dirt. 

The rules of the game are simple, the players must get from the beginning to the end of the dirt path with eyes closed, moving only by passing over all of the other players and not straying from the path. They have thirty five minutes in which to achieve this and are monitored by the ever watching facilitator and the audience.

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Based on the idea of manipulating the abundance of rules we are bombarded with in our everyday lives, the groups mentality is that their stage “Is a playground where society’s rules vanish…we aspire to honesty, raw visual truth, and to make no assumptions about the role of bodies in space. Each performance is a game as much between the performers as with the audience.”  

This will be the last performance by the group before they head to the DISKURS’12 Festival for young performing arts in Gießen, Germany starting on the 10th and running until the 14th October; so don’t miss this chance to take part. 

  • Panke “Heavy composition in white (the game)” 77 Stolen Fish – October 8th 2012: 8pm. 
Article by Marie J Burrows