Get Dirty: Nug Graffiti Performance

Human behavior is the name of Nug’s latest installation at Skalitzers Contemporary Art. What a fitting name. What else could explain the impulse behind graffiti and making of art work in general? Drawing is absolutely natural – we started out as children, exploring and feeling the thrill of crayon and marker on that freshly painted wall our parents just finished preparing. The yelling and frowns didn’t stop us – the sight of a clean wall beckoned us and, as if by reflex, we caved in and drew to our heart’s content. But graffiti artists like Nug just don’t want to stop, and why should they?

I must admit my favorite Gallery Weekend experience was stumbling across Nug’s “Black Enough For You” hit and run graffiti installation after leaving a prim and neat gallery. The smell of black spray paint was completely overwhelming and intoxicating – in a good way. Nug completely vandalized an entire abandoned building, leaving only disorder and an eerie emptiness that was nothing less than intriguing. In a tucked away room, the evidence was found: dozens of spray cans abandoned in a pile of fresh paint and stray axes lying around. Creepy to say the least, but I loved it.

Fortunately, Nug is making his mark in the Berlin art jungle once again as part of the Month of Performance Art. This time he will tag away at Skalitzers Contemporary Art to fill the space with energy, abstraction and pure disorder. Join Berlin-Artparasites at the opening party on Saturday May 12th 2012!

  • Skalitzers Contemporary Art Nug, Human Behavior – Opening: May 12th 2012: 7pm. (Installation on display: May 16th – June 2nd, Weds – Sat: 1 – 7pm)