Gallery Weekend: What To Do On Friday

On Wednesday you may have stopped by Kinderhook & Caracas, and last night perhaps you went to Mindpirates to see Platform China’s curatorial debut in Berlin. Today, however, marks the beginning of Gallery Weekend in Berlin! Although we’ve given you a few ideas of what to do both at official openings and alternative spaces, we’ve developed a handy itinerary for art enthusiasts out on the town!

Open All Day

As reported earlier, the former Nazi bunker now home to an amazing art collection will be opening up their doors without you needing to get an appointment ahead of time. Not too shabby, considering the visits are so exclusive that only a handful of guests are allowed in at a time.

We recently visited the fantastic and exciting exhibition “OM-D: Photography Playground,” and the least we could do is recommend that you visit it during their opening hours today. Featuring work by 12 international artists, the show is totally interactive (including a giant climbing net), including your chance to borrow (for free) an OM-D Olympus camera for the durations of your visit, recording your experiences with the hands-on works on display. It’s likely that some of the artists will be there as well, so you really don’t have an excuse to not visit.

11am – 1pm

While the Schöneberg-based gallery will be presenting a solo exhibition later that day of works by Aleksandra Domonivic, it will be utilizing their project space to two young performance artists earlier on. With a work entitled “Nudes in Tanya Leighton’s storage, New Theater Prototypes,” American artists Calla Henkel and Max Pitegoff will most likely be the first official art performance of the weekend.

1pm – 7pm

Nothing says “city-wide event” like a big blow out sale, right? If you’ve had your eye on a great book at Sternberg Press, now is the time to get it. They’ll be “greatly reducing prices” of some of their books in honor of Gallery Weekend. Take note: before you head out to their old place, they’ve moved down the block to Karl Marx Allee 78. Also––CASH ONLY!

3pm – 9pm

The sometimes exhibition space sometimes concert stage and one time swimming pool is following the ethos of Gallery Weekend and opening their doors for the weekend. Their exhibition “Time Off” will be opening during the day, however keep your evening open because at 9pm a party will be held by Love Me After Midnight #4.

6pm – 9pm – Friday Focus: Mitte

  • BQ: Alexandra Bircken

This exhibition has two locations, but fret not: they’re right across the street from each other. The Cologne-based artist Alexandra Bircken will present an exhibition entitledInside Out at BQ’s main space and another called Lunge in the smaller, glass building on the other side of the road. Two for the price of one––always works for us!

Next door to BQ is the young gallery Croy Nielsen, which will showcase works by South African born but German-raised Mandla Reuter. Expect a full-scale yet aesthetically minimal installation for which both the gallery and the artist are known.

Not to be confused with the singer of the same name, New York-based artist Avery Singer will be having a solo show at this “post-internet” aware space. Located on the 4thfloor of an office building, don’t get discouraged if you feel you’re on your way to a lackluster office meeting: trust us, there’s actually a thrilling exhibition in store for you.

Canadian artist AA Bronson recently received the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, and his biggest advocate and collaborator Michael Bühler-Rose is partnering with him for an exhibition here in Berlin. The two have conspired before in New York and will take their joint act over to the Netherlands later this year. Their Berlin exhibition is perhaps one of the best opportunities you have to see some socially conscious yet hip artwork this year.

This Vienna-based artist has been rather vague about his upcoming solo show at Galerie Kamm. The press release is just a poem about Humpty Dumpty, offering zero hints about what to expect. Since I’m a big fan of his latest works, I strongly recommend you check out what this enigmatic artist has up his sleeve.

Article by James Shaeffer