Gallery Weekend: Mitte Tour

This Friday Berlin’s art-jungle is overgrown with really exciting exhibition openings. Navigate your way through the thicket to the gallery you want to get to with the Gallery Weekend: Mitte Tour Map!
Openings: Friday 27th April

  • Croy Nielsen “Andy Boot” 6-9pm
    Explore the wonderful world of today’s technology via email junk email filters on rugs…?
  • PSM Ujino Munetero “Duet” 6-10pm
    Ujino gives new life to everyday disused objects by using them to create mechanical people. Yes…..robots! Excitingly creepy. You will never look at your toaster in the same way again!
  • Michael Fuchs Galerie Andres Golder “35.000 Jahre Salat, eine Zeitreise” 6pm
    Abstract paintings and sculpture bring out the funny side where you least expect to find it.
  • Kicken Berlin  “Diane Arbus” 6-9pm
    Black and white photography sounds normal, until you’ve seen Diane Arbus’ portraits of the weird and unusual!
  • Neugerriemschneider “Rirkrit Tiravanija” 6-9pm
    Not Suitable fo Vegetarians: May contain “Literature sausage”, served with sausage….expect a meaty opening!
  • Peres Projects Berlin Leo Gabin “Whatever is Clever” 7-10pm
    Do too many cooks really spoil the broth? The artist collective Leo Gabin’s collaged paintings and sculptures combine with photos and found objects to create colourful works to contradict this saying!
  • Sprüth Magers
    Jenny Holzer – “Endgame” 6-9pm
    Censored information from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars is revealed ub th colourful blocks of bold and pastel artwork, along with Holzer’s exciting and confusing LED signs which have  recently been exhibited at the Art and Press exhibition at the Martin-Gropius-Bau.

    Robert Elfgen – “Development” 6-9pm
    The almost everyday is presented in sculptures, films and collaged images by Elfgen.

    Anthony McCall – “Early Performance Films” 6-9pm
    McCall’s performance films from the 1970’s are brought back to life in this exhibition of his live outdoor sculpture performances: earth fire and white squares.

    Check out the Map to see where to go: http://www.berlin-artparasites.com/berlin-art-finder/galleries/?aq=115