Gallery Weekend: Kreuz/Mitte Tour

There’s a lot going on in this area which is great because it means you won’t have to walk far to discover the next great piece of art! But don’t waste time getting lost trying to navigate all the different galleries! Follow our Kreuz/Mitte Tour Map to fit in as much as possible!

Openings: Friday 27th April 2012 

  • Buchmann Galerie “Zaha Hadid“ 6 – 9pm
    The Buchmann galerie will be exhibiting the drawings and paintings of the well-respected architectural designer Zaha Hadid, which will be based around her architectural works ranging from urban structures to furniture!
  • Carlier I Gebauer Paul Graham “The Present” 4 – 9pm
    Paul Gramham examines life through his fine art photography which captures the everyday and sometimes banal.
  • Galerie Barbara Thumm Jota Castro “Austerity Über Alles”  6 – 9pm
    Sick of hearing about the European financial crisis yet? Hold on just a bit longer because the French Peruvian diplomat-cum-artist Castro uses everyday objects to shed an interesting political and artistic viewpoint on Europe’s situation.
  • VW (VeneKlasen/Werner) Michael Williams “This Means Something To My Horse” 6 – 9pm
    Why not get high on art with the large scale, light but bright coloured paintings of Williams which are sometimes crazy, sometimes surreal or even psychedelic.
  • Galerie Crone 
    Warhol/Arp “Drawings and Sculptures” 6-9pm
    Andy Warhol’s drawings will be appearing next to Hans Arp’s sculptures, a perfect match? Why not find out at the opening!

    Adrien Missika “The Sun is Late” 6-9pm
    Reality and fiction battle it out in the sculptures, photography, video and installation art of Missika. Don’t be late.

  • Galerija Gregor Podnar “Alexander Gutke” 4pm
    Gutke’s films and slide installations combine with his sculpture and photos to explore the film making process – this is one for the film-buff’s out there!
  • Zak I Branicka Joanna Rajkowska “Born in Berlin, A Letter to Rosa” 6-9pm
    Rajkowska’s private letter to her daughter is made public through over 100 drawings and collages, investigating the intimate in a public sphere.
  • Galerie Nordenhake Meuser “und eric mittendrin” 6 – 9pm
    You might feel right at home amongst Meuser’s domestic sculptures. Salvaged scrap metal might not sound homely to you at the moment; maybe the exhibition will change your mind!
  • Galerie Thomas Schulte
    Victor Burgin “Three decades” 6 – 9pm
    Burgin’s black and white photography document 30 years of his philosophical artworks.

    Alfredo Jaar “Kultur = Kapital” 6 – 9pm
    Next to Burgin’s works stands Jaar’s neon lettering with its cultural and bright message. 

  • Meyer Riegger Armin Boehm  “WALD HOCHWALD HOLZFÄLLEN” 6-9pm
    Once upon a time there lived an artist in Berlin whose artwork showed natural and urban settings with an air of fantasy and the supernatural.

    Follow the Kreuz/Mitte Tour Mapmap: http://www.berlin-artparasites.com/berlin-art-finder/galleries/?aq=112