Gallery Vs. Streets

Street artist Andre Boitard may not have a TV, Internet or Facebook, but he does have an exhibition at the little-known Gallery IGEL in Friedrichshain! To quote Andre: “Money is not everything, but I’m interested in glamour, gold, money…” Sounds interesting, especially when one doesn’t even have a Facebook page to show off a glamourous life!

Under the title “Between Ghetto and High Society” the exhibition presents many of the artist’s portrait style, street-inspired works. Boitard has been working in the city for 10 years, although his works are now in a gallery they remain very close in spirit to the streets as does he. If you are walking around Freidrichshain you might spot Boitard selling his pop-inspired postcards as he goes about his day!

Galerie IGEL Andre Boitard “Between Ghetto and High Society” May 5th – May 26th 2012, Thu – Sat: 2 – 6pm