GALLERY INVASION: Armin Boehm at Meyer Riegger

Armin Boehm’s exhibit “WALD HOCHWALD HOLZFÄLLEN” (a quote from the Thomas Bernhard novel translated as “Woodcutters” or “Cutting Timber: An Irritation”) at Meyer Riegger evokes a mysticism about nature and how natural materials can be re-used to create a new visual reality. Moreover it highlights the power of man over nature, which can sometimes lead to destruction or, as seen through Boehm’s artwork, re-creation.

The earthy tones of color used by Boehm is created through a combination of paint, gravel, wood, and other organic materials stemming from the earth. Walking through the gallery, it is evident that there is a clear tension between urban and rural environments, with the rural providing a safe haven, and the more urban representations embodying human chaos.

The sense of being unsettled – rooted, or uprooted – was very much present throughout the works. A clear lack of a herd of people (due to the numerous other Gallery Weekend openings) in combination with the open space allowed plently of room for visitors to engage with the works of art. Want to know what to expect when visiting the exhibit? Make sure to catch a glimpse of this opening in our Gallery Invasion video above!

  • Meyer Riegger  Armin Boehm “WALD HOCHWALD HOLZFÄLLEN,”  April 27th – May 26th 2012 – Tues – Sat: 11-6pm.