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Who receives more criticism than artists? No matter how unknown or how famous, they are constantly projected into the limelight for all to see and judge. Of course they want to sell work and of course they will do what it takes. What about a women accused of using her sex to sell her art? Recently we encountered this situation and took the criticism quite seriously, so we went one step farther. We had a female artist under the pseudonym Coco post in the craigslist personals. But instead of talking about when they were going to fuck as her ads photo might of suggested, they talked about her art, which she later sent. These are all real conversations – you'll find received messages in grey and sent messages in blue.

Our first 'critic' whose e-mail included the words "hard" and "dominant" was not only thoughtful but quickly steered himself away from rolling around naked on art with Coco. Instead, he guided her on some of the insults she faces:

Next we encountered a group of male flat mates who hated the November blues, loved rock and roll and were interested in a foursome:

With some very alluring e-mails, a French man turned on the charm. Although Coco is aware that accepting an offer for an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris is a good way to end up locked in a catacomb, we're second guessing since the guy did mention Spike Jonze:

A seemingly sweet German boy who promised not only to help Coco fill out her health insurance papers, but also going for long crisp walks in Victoria park and fuck all night:

Besides the words of inspiration, Coco of course also received pictures of guys looking to show off their massively throbbing paint brushes or sculpted canvases and even a weird doctor offering morphine. What she found most surprising was that there were no nasty critics (even after they were told they weren't getting any poo-tang in the foreseeable future). So we're leaving you with this: If you want sex, then put up a craigslist ad. But if you want to see art, go to a gallery and take the advice of my mother: if you have nothing nice to say, maybe think twice before calling it shitty hipster bullshit.

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