Full Circle: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

To remedy your winter (or supposedly spring) blues, we bring you the best art events happening this weekend. Whether you want to stay cosy indoors watching a film or enjoying a coffee, or fancy a good old fashioned exhibition opening, we’ve got you covered. 

Thursday April 4th, 2013

Galerie SU DE CoucouVernissage “cachÈ/ hidden” – 7pm 

Visual artist and photographer Alexandra Jasper brings together three photographic series based on the theme of “hiding,” as seeing or feeling desire in photography is not the same as knowing its actual source. Featuring the live-performance “Sissi meets Effi” by Lena Braun, this is a show we don’t want to miss. 

IdrawalotStick Core Exhibition pt.3 – 7pm

Stickers: Berlin is covered with them. Take this chance to appreciate the art and craft that goes into sticker design with this show celebrating the ubiquitous urban art form. 

Urban SpreeDocumentary Donnerstag #2 “Sans Soleil” – 7pm 

The second in an eight week program of thought-provoking films being shown at Urban Spree, this event features the film “Sans Soleil” by Chris Marker, chartering his journey from Africa to Japan. 

  Friday April 5th, 2013

Sameheads BerlinWindowlicker Designer Showroom #7 – 8pm 

Get ready for an explosion of color in the form of artworks by Australian artistic duo Anto Christ and Casio Ono. Specializing in costume, crotchet, performance, installation and sound, the creative pair will exhibit paintings and a DJ set later in the evening following a performance by PINKPINK, a silkscreen workshop and the relaunch of several experimental fashion lines.

Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle BAPs Thermos Party – 9am  

As you may have already read in our exciting announcement, Deustche Bank Kunsthalle is opening their doors to Berlin-based artists this Friday for a chance to show their work. Anything that can be hung, will! Join us as we queue up for this exciting event, no matter the weather, thermos flasks in hand. 

Vabrique – Gestalter Kaffee 1 – 5pm 

Didn’t quite get your coffee fix at the BAPs thermos party Friday morning? Then head over to Vabrique to enjoy a hot beverage at this networking event, organised by interdisciplinary design collective Verein der Gestaltung eV. Meet like minded creatives, get involved in different projects or take the chance to explore the collective’s studio, which is just next door. 

Saturday April 6th, 2013

 LEAP – “Instrumental” Performance – 8pm 

A performance installation exploring sound’s engagement with time and process, “Instrumental” will be based upon recordings from an intensive six-day series of improvisations at the space.  

Kunststück Berlin – Vernissage “Saints & Sinners” – 7pm 

Things are never black and white, and neither are they good and evil. “Saints & Sinners” is a group show exploring these constructed idenitites and kicks off with a “lasvicious” performance at 8pm before a reading at 9pm. Be on your best behavior…

the CLUB – Parker Tilghman  “i am alive and last night i did not die” – 8pm 

This rather melodramatically-named exhibition features a series of cyanotypes on silk, a selection of video works and a site-specific text installation by American artist Parker Tilghman


Article by Marie J Burrows