From Guns To Art: Living The American Dream

NYC-Artparasites recently caught sight of Daniel Oglander, an artist currently based in New York City and originally from Nashville, Tenessee, because of his exhibition at Fair Folks & A Goat with Vandal Expressionism artist Joseph Meloy. Curious to learn more about Dan, I met up with him for an interview at his duplex apartment in Brooklyn’s Prospect Heights, which his good friend Christa Brown gave to him before moving to Los Angeles. Dan is quite talkative and easy to interview, especially over some cocktails and beers, so if someone reading this gets offered to interview him as well, I’d recommend it… you’ll learn a thing or two about porn art and guns, that’s for sure.


NYC-APS: So you have been in New York for a while. What do you like most about New York compared to your hometown Nashville, Tennesee?

DO: (In a deep voice) Everything is better here in New York. I mean, you know, I go home and I wanna get a sandwich and its two o’clock in the morning and I can’t fucking do that. Or I wanna like get some weed or something and there is no [drug] delivery service out there. You have to drive everywhere. In New York, the food here just transcends everything else. I mean, that’s my favorite thing to do – just go out and eat food at random ass places. The more ghetto the better.


NYC-APS: Where have you been eating lately?

DO: Great NY Noodletown. I took my brother there last night, we trudged through the rain – we were all drunk after this holiday party and we were like “fuck it, let’s just go” and he’d never been, and you know we sat there eating roasted duck and beef chow fun and its was just like all these people yelling at each other and there were like no white people in there.


NYC-APS: Fun times…

DO: Yeah, it’s like dirty and grimy and very affordable. Have you ever been there?


NYC-APS: No, never.

DO: You should go.


NYC-APS: Right, so what are you currently working on?

DO: I’m working on a series dedicated to porn and fucking, I guess. These are them right here. You wouldn’t really know it, but that’s a screenshot from a computer. I actually take a picture of the computer screen with my camera of people having sex and I am kind of putting them on there in way so that you wouldn’t totally know that dude’s having an orgasm right now. He could be sneezing or something. I’m trying to not make it as ambiguous as the shit that I was doing, which was very much like “hey, here’s some chick, I’m pointing at her vagina.” I’m just trying to make it a little more abstract.


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