Free Collectors Talk with Selim Varol!

How the hell is he able to store and keep track of 15,000 toys?! And how do you ship them over to Berlin for an exhibition at me Collectors Room? Those were some of the first questions running through my mind as I delved deeper into Selim Varol's massive collection currently on display under the exhibition name "Art & Toys." Well tomorrow is our, and your, lucky chance:  Varol will be holding a free talk at me Collectors Room to engage in a discussion on the art of collecting and to answer all of the pressing questions out there. Don't miss this opportunity!

An excellent moderator has been selected for this event – Jan Kage, otherwise known as Yaneq and the mastermind behind the music and art party series called Party Arty. Maybe you've also heard him interviewing artists on the alternative radio station Flux FM. If you haven't had a chance to check out the collection yet, then this would be the best (and most cost-effective) opportunity! Register for the free event by sending an email to info(at)me-berlin.com