Freaky Friday: Dress up as Dali!

Seeing people dressed up as Salvador Dali roaming around Berlin? Nothing surreal about it. We’ve found the explanation! In order to celebrate Salvador Dali’s 108th birthday (yes, that is indeed an arbitrary number!), the Dali Exhibition at Potsdamer Platz will be waiving the 11 Euro entrance fee and give free entry to anyone and everyone who dresses up like the famous Spaniard on Friday May 11th.

If you’re missing the oriental trousers, just grab a permanent marker and draw yourself a moustache! Even more generous: you can also enter online or in person to win the extensive exhibition catalogue. Dali would be quite pleased. Feel free to submit a photo of yourself, your friend(s) or a random passerby to info@berlin-artparasites.com and we’ll post it!

PS: Dali fun fact of the day: Pablo Picasso lent his dear friend 500 dollars so that Dali could make his first trip to NYC. What a friend!