For the Love of Panini and Art

Thankfully the hungry art-invaders managed to find the berlin-artparasites BBQ! This was not just any BBQ with the standard Bratwurst and mustard combination! This was a berlin-artparasites Panini BBQ co-hosted with Italian artist Stefano Bosis and the Rotebete team! We stuffed our faces with panini, beer, laughs and enjoyed meeting our readers and new people!

See what you missed out on:

berlin, bbq, goerlitzer park, art, party
Don’t be fooled by those flames! This was about the first of many attempts to light the stubborn coals which just didn’t want to stay alight!

berlin, goerlitzer park, bbq, art party, art

Finally some flames, thanks to half a bottle of lighter fluid and some brave pyromaniacs! Philip Husemann was in charge of starting the fire and Marius Dorian (on the left) turned out to be king griller (at the cost of his burnt fingers…euch!)

people, bbq, goerlitzer park, party, art, panini, berlin Lots of good company and people enjoying paninis! 

berlin, barbeque, bbq, goerlitzer park, party, kreuzberg

Caught in the act! Morgan Meaker is all smiles when panini are involved!

Baby on Board at the BBQ!
There was even a Baby on Board at the BBQ! Martin Groeger, his wife and their baby on the way also enjoyed the lovely weather and panini at Görlitzer Park.

berlin, art, party, bbq, panini, stefan bosis, goerlitzer park, kreuzberg

Stefano Bosis looks like he has been up to something! Or maybe he is just happy to be surrounded by likeminded panini-lovers like Julie Anne!


Maike passionately digging into that succulent panini!

pete jnes, sunglasses, bbq, barbeque, berlin, kreuzberg, party, goerlitzer park, panini, beer, drinking

Panini eaten and its on to the beer for Pete Jones… what better way to spend a Friday! Now on to Rotebete………..

berlin, art, party, rotebete, art space, painting, kreuzbergPhoto: Carlos by Julian Schwokowsky

The Rotebete Team held a great afterparty enjoyed by all (including Carlos – pictured) with amazing art, great tunes and inspiring beetroot cocktails! On display was also Stefano Bosis’ panini inspired art work, which prompted the panini barbeque!

francesco piercy tomba, party, rotebete, berlin, art, kreuzberg, gallery
Photo: Francesco Piercy Tomba by Julian Schwokowsky

At the after party Francesco Piercy Tomba and the Rotebete Team kept the thirsty art-lovers fueled with the delicious and extraordinary Rotebete cocktails, made with their special beetroot vodka!

What a perfect way to finish the evening! Thanks to Stefano Bosis, the Rotebete Team and everyone else who turned out! See you all next time!