Five Great Christmas Gifts For Art Lovers!

It's okay, you can admit it, if you bought an item, or two, or ten for yourself – but for those allegedly hard-to-please creative types, finding the right present can be quite a challenge. To help you out, consider these:

Paper Blossoms by Ray Marshall | Price: €20.95

Image via Amazon.com

For all the art moms and grandma hipster artists on your list, Ray Marshall makes the promise of always having fresh flowers all year long. Even if they don't smell like real flowers, or really look like real flowers, the book of lilies and roses is one we're sure Monet would approve.

Salvador Dali Art Print Tee's | Price: €19.05

Image via eBay.com

You know you will receive at least one cheesy wearable item this year so it might as well be of something you love. Hailing all the way from Thailand, nothing says Christmas like a silk-print tee from Kao-Sahn road. Let the world know just how much you love art by making your body a living, breathing tacky canvas. We've got ours on order.

Tracy Emin Deck Chair: Price: €135.00

Image via The Royal Parks Foundation

With there being a limited edition of only 250, the price is steep. In terms of practicality, the season may be totally wrong, so instead cozy up to the fire, get your nuts out (to roast) and feel the holiday cheer with a unique chance to sit on Tracy Emin’s face.

Outside the Lines: An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations | Price: €13.10

Image via Amazon.com

Even if you're no longer three years old and by now have mastered the art of coloring within the lines, this coloring book is a winner in any circle. From Shepard Fairey to Keith Haring, it contains a wonderful collection of line illustrations from more than 100 contemporary artists. Pull out the crayons because this book is a definite throwback – the kid inside you would no doubt appreciate it.

Edible Chocolate Art Supplies by Nendo

Photo by Ayao Yamazaki

Where was Nendo when van Gogh needed them? The Japanese design firm has come up with this nifty 12-piece paint set for the starving artist in your posse. Unfortunately, Nendo designed this treat specifically for Seibu (a department store in Japan) — so if you got the hookup, let us know because we are dying to import a set, or two, or ten!

Compiled by the Artparasites Team