Figuring Out Your Purpose In Life Is Much Easier Than You Think

Photography by Erika Zolli

Photography by Erika Zolli

A lot of the human struggle is trying to figure out why we are here.

Many of us have it in our heads that we are supposed to transcend nature. We are supposed to defy all that is natural to us and strive to be something “more.” We’ve made our lives so unnatural and complicated that we struggle with it ourselves. “Shave your body hair.” “Wear uncomfortable clothes and shoes.” “Get a tan without being in the sun.” “Pesticides, preservatives, antibiotics.” “We are not animals.” “You need to go to school and get a degree so you can get a job, pay taxes, and buy all of the other things you need to survive, such as water, food, and shelter.”

The environment we live in has become so centred around our own needs, that other species cannot survive in it. We barely make it ourselves. Stray cats and dogs are helpless without owners. Deer and other feral animals get run over and left to rot on the road for trying to cross the highway. Birds, fish, and other animals choke and die eating trash. Butterflies don’t live as long as they normally can because the air is polluted. Trees get cut down because they’re in the way.

Photography by Erika Zolli

Photography by Erika Zolli

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about whether or not animals in the wild get depressed, and why people get depressed. Basically, we are too smart, and we have too much time for our own good. We don’t need to run for our lives anymore because no one tries to hunt us, so our over-developed brains focus on deeper, more internal things such as whether or not the people around us really like us, why we are here, and what we’re supposed to do with our futures. I have come to the conclusion that the answer is back in our own roots: nature. And the reason we struggle is because we have detached ourselves from nature. We have removed ourselves from the connection that we had with our planet, other life, and our own instincts. We have become so out of touch with the awareness that we are part of an entire planet, that Earth is one whole space we all share with everything else that inhabits it, that we have become desensitized to the reality that we are killing our own home, and we are rejecting the very thing that nurtures us.

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Plants grow without questioning anything. All they do is try to grow as big and strong as they can, and just by doing that, they produce the oxygen that we need to live. Bees go around trying to make honey for themselves, and in the process, they pollinate plants and help them spread. Birds eat seeds and fruits and basically plant more trees just by pooping everywhere. Nature has a balance, and all that is needed to maintain this balance, is for every animal to do what they need to do to survive. Everybody plays a part in nourishing the planet just by simply trying to be healthy and happy.

In conclusion, the true purpose of life is simply, to live.

Written by Sachi Johana Yasui

Photographs by Erika Zolli

Erika Zolli aka Eribluff is an italian fine-art photographer, attracted to the potential of photography to lead the observer into a world of surreal poetry. In her photos new worlds and new realities are created, in order to show and explore the invisible dreamlike dimension that lies in the human mind. Her work is a combination of surrealism and lightness: the subjects directly interacts with the surroundings, creating an extrasensory and magical sensation. Her photography is nurtured by accurate post-production and high-precision techniques.

In her last series “Surreal Arabesque” the photographer plays with the concept of “arabesque”, which means to contrast the perfection of the “Ideal Beauty” to the extravagance of the imagination, of the fantastic chimeras, of the free figures or, more generically, all new attitudes created outside of the royalties of the ordinary. In this new series apparently normal images are enhanced by surreal and ironic  elements: clouds ahead normal self portrait, multiple hands spanning trees to the ends of the branches, a cat in a ceramic teapots, a woman lying peacefully in a can of tuna”.