Female Power

With high spirits and cold toes, huddled together for warmth, my coworker and I along with a couple of friends hustle down Obentraustrasse in a quiet corner of Kreuzberg, on our way to Party Arty Vol. 39 at Club Gretchen. “Is this the place?” our friend Diego asks quizzically, “It looks kind of like a strip club.” We are about to embark on our first Party Arty adventure, a regular art and music event organized by Yaneq (real name: Jan Kage) that celebrates the creative paradise that is Berlin. 

Once inside, our doubts began to disappear as our eyes adjust to the cacophony of flashing lights and smell of alcohol/aftershave punctuated by the energetic music coming from the small girl in a baseball cap working the turntables, DJ That Fucking Sara. Walking into the main dance hall we are immediately greeted by an immense white sculpture dominating the center of the room, a giant stilt-like installation by Ekaterina Mitichkina which towers over partygoers casting strange shadows while also reflecting the neon light effects.
Hera SparnonHera Sparnon just loves the art by Ekaterina Mitichkina! Photo: Chris Phillips