Feeling Meaty?

Rirkrit Tiravanija is famous for his food focused art! At neugerriemschneider he switches from spaghetti to sausages. What can you expect? Sausages galore!

Neugerriemschneider’s current exhibition “untitled, 2012 (freedom cannot be simulated)” focuses on the works of Rirkrit Tiravanija. The artist also has a not so hidden secret, he happens to be a chef as well, and many of his exhibitions and works have a large focus on food, he sometimes even cooks for gallery visitors at openings! On entering the gallery space, it seems like he has set up a secret sausage factory right under our noses here in Berlin’s central gallery district. Everyone knows that Germans love sausages! But what about Rirkrit Tiravanija’s crazy sausages?

neugerriemschneider, installatin, berlin, art, rirkrit tiravanija, sausage
Photo: Rirkrit Tiravanija, “untitled, 2012 (freedom can not be simulated)”, Courtesy of neugerriemschneider, Berlin

Sausages hanging from the ceiling, which he created at the opening, and aluminium production lines are the focus of the room and appear quite menacing due to the huge black writing on the wall and cold aluminium surfaces. Getting as close to the sausages as possible, it was really hard to work out what they were made of! The answer: Books! Tiravanija has literally sausageified the Thai constitution and in another room Thilo Sarrazin’s extremely controversial “Deutschland schafft sich ab”, has also been stuffed into the skin of a pig in the style of the Turkish sausage, Sucuk! What an ironic sausagey ending for the book which has been widely criticised as racist against foreigners and Turkish people in particular!

One problem with this exhibition, no mustard! What is a sausage without condiments? Maybe there was mustard at the opening since Tiravanija created the sausages for an audience during the opening event, but I doubt it, oh well ketchup is better anyway! Make sure you don’t miss this exhibition which closes at the end of June!

Neugerriemschneider Rirkrit Tiravanija “untitled, 2012 (freedom cannt be simulated)” April 28th – June 30th 2012,  Tue – Sat: 11am – 6pm