Feeling Fierce: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

Whether you’re looking for a much anticiated celebrity art show opening, an avant-garde performance festival, a Sci-Fi art special or simply a ‘Super Mega Fun Awesome Party’ this weekend, we’ve got it covered. See you there artparasites! 

Thursday February 7th, 2013

Expo – “Voyeurs 3.0” – Opens at 8:30pm

Dubbing itself a “micro festival of performances,” this event by non-profit exhibition space Expo will include performances by four international artists running over two days. The artists will be encased and performing within a white cube, causing the audience to become voyeurs – to what extent is up to you.

Idrawalot – Super Mega Fun Awesome Party Time – 7pm

Thursday sees Neukölln favorite Idrawalot celebrating the opening of an exhibition by Canadian artist Cyrus Smith with this ridiculously named shindig. On display will be paintings and installations inspired by pop culture and everything young and hip (natürlich, this is Neukölln). Smith’s work is already part of public and private Canadian collections, so we are expecting great things.

Hermannstrasse 227 – The Lost Garden – 8pm

A mysterious backyard in Neukölln that was once part of a chocolate manufacturing site, this unusual venue is home to actors and theatre projects, but tonight will play host to an “art intervention.” Involving over ten different artists, the event will be the culmination of two days work dealing with architectonic and social environment, whatever that means. 

Friday February 8th, 2013

Buchmann Galerie – Tatsuo Miyajima “Life (Rhizome)” Opening – 7pm

Japanese artist Tatsuo Miyajima unveils his latest exhibition “Life (Rhizome)” at Buchmann Galerie. Dealing with space, time and perception view, Miyajima’s previous works here give a taste of what’s in store. 

Epicentro Artspace  – “Exit Ghost & twentyeightdays” Opening – 7pm

Epicentro Artspace presents two series of black and white photography by Berlin-based artist Kai Bornhöft, “Exit Ghost” and “twentyeightdays.” His work deals with capitalism in Western society, “Exit Ghost” focusing particularly on the building boom in Dubai. 

Strychnin Gallery – “Attention Earth” Opening – Opening from 7pm

Sci-fi nerds take note, this exhibition opening is for you. Celebrating the 60th anniversary of two 1950s sci-fi classics, H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds and Invaders from Mars, the show will visually document the making of the films and all of the paraphernalia that surrounds them, featuring work from 21 intentional artists. Beam me up, Scotty.

Mindpirates – Mindpirates & FxLD _ SILO SESSIONS I: Vectral (DK) – 9pm

Don’t be put off by the obscure name, simply put this event is part of a series which explores the relationship between video and audio concepts. This week features super cool DJ Vectral, who “explores the interplay between electronic compositions and audio-reactive visuals.” In other words if you want to dance and see some cool visualizations, (and why not?) look no further.

Saturday February 9th, 2013

Peres Projects – James Franco “Gay Town” Opening – 7:30pm

You may know James Franco from the silver screen, but don’t be fooled, he’s not just a pretty face. Also a filmmaker, artist and author, Franco now has an exhibition opening in Berlin that deals with adolescence, stereotypes and the issues of public and private persona, much of it made whilst on the move with his acting career. Will it be worth the hype? We’re not so sure, but we can’t wait to find out. In the meantime watch him recite one of his poems here.

Art Connect Berlin – Tips and Tricks in Arts & Cultural Grant Writing – 12pm

The weekend can’t always be fun and games, especially when you’re a poor, struggling artist. Geared towards artists and/or curators, learn how to improve your chances of success in applying to art and cultural grants and residencies in the first workshop of this five week series by Art Connect Berlin. Struggling creatives take note, this may be that extra boost you were looking for.

Node Center For Curatorial Studies – Count From Zero To One Hundred: Book Launch & Screening – 7pm

Node Center For Curatorial Studies presents the book launch of a work by Irish author Alan Cunningham. Composed of fragmented prose as the author crosses Europe, the book has also been converted into a short film, “COUNT FROM ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED:2″ by Berlin-based Serbian artist Darko Dragi?evi?. 

Article by Marie J Burrows