Faces Of Berlin

If you’ve wandered the streets of Berlin from Wedding to Mitte and Kreuzberg, you’ve surely seen the magnificant large-scale urban artworks by the artist duo JBAK. Huge, expressive faces peering around street corners, integrated into the urban landscape of Berlin – the works are very human and natural as they border on realism with very vivid and detailed painting techniques. JBAK is currently looking for volunteers for their new project centered around the Berlin Wall and the human impact of the Wall on everyday Berliners. Do you have an interesting experience concerning the Berlin Wall and are you interested in modeling to have your portrait and story told? If so, this opportunity is for you!

The real-life Berliner models will be depicted in a series of portraits set to be on display in the guest rooms of the Winters Wall Hotel at the historical East-West checkpoint, Checkpoint Charlie. Examples of life stories and changes revolving around the division and reunification of East and West Germany could be anything from familial separation to failed or successful escape attempts and reuniting with a loved one after the fall of the Wall. The selected models will be painted on large-scale, custom-made canvases.

JBAK - KristinaKristina” canvas by artist duo JBAK. The new series will be stylistically similar to this canvas painting. Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Think you got what it takes? Send an email with a headshot photo of yourself and 5-8 bullets points about your life and Berlin Wall experience (with years and dates) to Addison Karl at addison@idrawalot.com. But hurry! The artists will only accept applications of interest until October 12th 2012.