Exploring The Unknown

Berlin is a global hub for art – easily noticeable when walking down any given street from Charlottenburg to Friedrichshain – the city is just drowning in musicians, artists and other creatives. Most are looking to build careers and gain commercial success. And some are just interested in pursuing their art for it’s own sake. This weekend Forum Factory  is celebrating this non-commercial side of art with The Unknown Festival. This free three-day celebration gives artists a platform to show off their talents on their own. No galleries, no venues, or agents behind the scenes. Just the artists doing things the way they want to do them.  

The Unknown Festival will be bringing you a weekend of art exhibitions, music and a bunch of handy workshops. You can learn about fundraising tools or participate in a drawing or silk screening course. It’s about art and business here, but from a DIY point of view. What does it mean to be an unknown artist?  Does it mean you’re unappreciated?  Does it mean you’re undervalued?  Does it make you an outsider? If you’re curious about the answers to these questions then head on over the Unknown Festival this weekend  and ask one of the over thirty people participating in this event, including artist Philipp Groth who we featured on BAPS earlier this year. And sure, the only way to step outside the label of “unknown” is for people to get to know you. So, come on, it’s time to get known!

Article Written by: Victoria Anderson