Experience Psychedelic Art

“Good and evil exist as they have always existed – Listen to the Dead Skeletons,” coaxes the written intro on the Dead Skeletons, a psychedelic art and music project hailing from Iceland (not a surprise!), homepage. Now boasting entrancing, repetitive and rhythmic mantra-like lyrics in English, Icelandic and German, this group was initially born (or, in their view: found death) from an installation for a show at the Reykjavik art museum by artist Jón Sæmundur. Dead Skeletons is bringing their act to Berlin and playing at KaterHolzig this Thursday, September 20th 2012. berlin-artparasites will be giving away a pair of free tickets to one lucky Artparasite out there!  

A mixture of trippy, flashy and dizzying visuals accompany their live musical performances, effectively frolicking on and teasing the boundaries between art and music. Skulls are the most present and important thematic element in their artwork, which Sæmundur views as something that makes all humans equal and serves to remind us of our humanness and the need to overcome fear of death. Having been diagnosed with HIV in 1994, Sæmundur, has learned what it means to really live and enjoy life. This energy and aspiration is felt in their performances and live shows. As he explains to the online magazine the Stool Pigeon in an interview: “It’s spreading like a virus, but a benign virus. It is all connected. Art is my life, and my life is my art.”

Dead Skeletons ArtVisual artist, Jón Sæmundur preparing artwork for Dead Skeletons. Photo: The Stool Pigeon

Interested in seeing Dead Skeletons live? One lucky winner will receive a pair of tickets to enjoy the psychedelic and meaningful audio-visual art! For the chance to win, comment here on our facebook thread with your favorite death and/or life mantra.  

  • KaterHolzig Dead Skeletons Live Performance. Thursday September 20th 2012. Doors open at 9pm. (Tickets 10€)
Article written by Julie Anne Miranda-Brobeck