Every Little Girl’s Dream?

A well-known nursery rhyme goes, “What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice.” Although most of us girls went through some sort of “tom-boy” phase growing up, I personally think this adage has some truth to it. Once you get past those first few frustrating years when your mother stuffs you into uncomfortable poofy dresses and puts bows in your hair, you begin to embrace your femininity, and life becomes a magical wonderland full of bubbles, daisies, horses, and kittens.

However, as some of us become adults, our pleasures begin to include things like make-up, designer clothes, champagne, and of course, sex, but we still hold on to the delights of our childhood. This view through the pink -colored glasses of “girlhood” but with the fantasies of a woman is the context for Anna Borowy’s new show at Janine Bean Gallery, “Champagnerbad.”

Walking in to the gallery is like entering a world of pink and purple pastels where beautiful partially dressed women live with their animal companions in a cloud of flowers and butterflies. The artist herself looks completely at home in the angelic environment with her shining blue eyes, long wavy hair, and plush fur-trimmed coat. “The name ‘Champagnerbad’ symbolizes this immersion in luxury,” Anna explained. “It is a metaphor for a moment when something beautiful happens and you want to hold on to it and live in this moment forever.”

Animal Magnetism

Although Anna’s human figures were stunning, it was her depictions of animals that I found particularly intriguing and reminded me of my childhood dream of animal companionship. “It’s like in the fairytales when the animals are the one’s who guide the humans on their journey,” Anna said. “The animal is the link between humans and the natural world; they are there to bring us back to our roots.”

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