Enjoy The Art Scenery This Weekend In NYC!

With so many options, what should you go see this weekend? Well, there's no better way to start fresh than by busting apart your expectations and then putting the pieces back together. This weekend's lineup has bits and pieces from glitch art to sideways installation and even space travel. It's a party odyssey where the unexpected is easy to find, so hop on board and come along for the ride!

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

With a unique look at the connections between graffiti from the United States, middle eastern calligraphic art and mid-century abstract work, Calligraffiti explores the impact of text based street art in cultural convergence. Installation and works include pieces by Basquiat, Pouran Jinchi and Keith Haring.
Bitforms Gallery – "Ultraconcentrated" Opening –  6pm
Bitforms brings the glitch with this solo show by Casey Reas. Ultraconcentrated explores data bending with video, sculpture, prints, laser etching and installation, using information appropriated from local broadcast signals as a means to create alternative spaces and narratives.
Continuing his work with movement within paint, Matthias Leutrum presents his new body of work in this solo show. Roofing Tar Paintings tackles a nearly impossible medium to work with, offering a delicate and carefully worked body of paintings in a guttural defiance of will.
Friday, September 6th, 2013
Honey Ramka – "The Crystal Cracked" Opening – 6pm
In this Bushwick gallery's inaugural show, the beauty of fragmentation is explored in this group show by eight artists who walk the common thread of twisted reality. An additional body of work by Linnea Paskow will accompany the exhibit with a group of her paintings titled "Bardo."
Lyons Wier Gallery – "Burn All Crayons" Opening – 6pm
Greg Haberny takes a tough look at modern parenting and the over-medication of children with this solo show. The playfully sardonic work mocks the practice of misdiagnosis and the excessive doling out of prescription drugs that are all too rampant with today's youth.
Pierogi – "The Map Is Not The Territory" Opening – 7pm
Drawing inspiration from the first moon landing, artist Ati Maier has created an immersive experience through paintings, installation, video and sculpture, which allows visitors to consider the abstract ideas and ramifications of exploration and discovery beyond their physical counterparts.
Saturday, September 7th, 2013
Megan Berk offers an alternative look at the nature of beauty with her solo show. Utilizing found and made imagery, Berk's visuals brings together elements of perfection and the imperfection of seeming mistakes, asking the viewer to determine what true grace really is.  
Winkleman Gallery – "Spinach and Banana" Opening – 6pm
Winkelman presents Merike Estna's first New York solo show, Spinach and Banana, which offers a virtual free-for-all experience through its unique and unusual installation of paintings, sculpture and video. Estna's abstract work references decorative craft while defying its typical experience of viewing.
Soho Photo Gallery – "2013 Governors Island Art Fair" Event – 11am – 6pm
SohoPhoto will be exhibiting twelve of their photographers at this years Governors Island Art Fair. With R. Wayne Parson's intimate view of the core of human anatomy to Lois Youman's reformations of broken imagery, the exhibition will give views of a wide cross section of perspectives of the self and the wider world.

Article by Meredith Caraher