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Energy For A Brighter Future: Volcom Pipe Houses In Hawaii


“It’s not just about your electricity bill. It’s about how your next generation might have none to pay for”.

You know how we all went to school every day and never felt anything special about it until we woke up one day and suddenly realised that we didn’t have one to go back to? The thing about the daily occurrences in our lives is that more than anything, they fail to get the appreciation they deserve, starting out with the environment that houses, feeds and nourishes us.

In recent times, we’ve started looking for alternative renewable sources of energy to replace the exhaustible ones. This is pretty much common knowledge but the fact of the matter is we, with our fancy houses and designer cars and our spoons made of silver more often than not, fail to respect the essence that the environment is not indestructible – that it can only accommodate and look out for that many fancy houses and designer cars and spoons made of silver, before it implodes, leaving us with nothing, not even a heart full of shame and misery because without the environment that heals and protects us, we won’t live to feel anything at all.

brian biellman volcom pipe houses

Hence, in looking for such ventures that aren’t afraid to take the muddy path in order to save the flowers on the other, we came across Volcom’s Hawaii Pipe Houses which are fully supported by Solar Energy. In a futuristic approach, Volcom’s beach houses are equipped with tons of panels to maximize the solar energy potential. Not only are these houses environment friendly, they also spread pocket-friendliness. Given that the set-up costs of these panels are high, it is in the long run that the bills fall into place and conservation of energy compliments that of money.

Carlos Munoz, Pipeline

Carlos Munoz, Pipeline

Volcom believes in preserving the mountains, beaches, oceans and the cities we all live and work in. Its aim is sustainable development – to grow along with the environment, utilizing its resources to our maximum benefit without jeopardizing its existence. Volcom wants to turn our long term intentions about saving the environment, into actions that speak loud and clear. It believes in a new future, one that does not put Mother Nature at knifepoint and rob her off her attributes but one which takes care of the hand that rocks our cradle. It is a fantastic initiative and it needs the support of one and all because Nature belongs to all of us and it is the duty of each one here to preserve and protect her.

On a last note, let us all think of this stage of human existence as our life in school and how we would love for it to never end. Maybe that way, we can appreciate our livelihood, better. They say, what has passed, has gone and that our past is just a cupboard of ruins.

Let this not be a wasted past.
Let this be a better future.

Sayan Sen is a 19-year-old from Kolkata, India, with a deep affection for puns and football. Currently pursuing Electrical Engineering, he loves poetry and loses his heart to all those who offer him food. He makes homes out of quotes and never says no to stargazing and 3 A.M heart-talks.

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