Elvira Bach: A One Woman Show

Elvira Bach, noted for being a crucial member of Berlin's Junge Wilde Movement in the 80's, is notorious for her monotone fashion palate and a niche of depicting women as mothers and care givers. She is a mother, a painter and a legend. Here is a woman that, most likely, has already been asked every question under the sun and, like a nervous teenager on a first date, I didn't want to be left standing on the door-step with wilted daisies and cliche interview questions. So we played a game: finish my sentence. Translated with the help of her son, her responses only left me wanting more.

Fill In The Blank

Art to me is the focal point of my life. My art and my paintings from early on showed a clear path; there were no detours. I always believed that my dream of becoming an artist was coming true. Some people told me to do something different – but I just always believed.

Artparasites writer Tristan Boisvert in conversation with Elvira Bach. Photo: Chris Phillips

Polka dots to me are what my grandmother used to dress me in. She was creative woman who dressed her grandchildren a certain way – it might have given me an aesthetic for it. Fashion is like my art; I found something that I like and stuck with it.

Someone once said, "You always draw the same thing."

I have to admit, by the time I became successful I was already doing art with the right subjects. It was popular to have the woman as a symbol.

Evocative women, ever-present in the paintings of Elvira Bach. Photo: Chris Phillips

My Art transcends time because I stayed true to myself and my subject. I never changed my art to the trends of the time.

If I lived my life as another painter it would be El Greco; he always expressed the same face for his male subjects. I like that concept.

With love I complete my art. Each and every single painting, I painted with love.

The love colors of Elvira Bach. Photo: Chris Phillips

Theres a special place in my heart for all human beings, I have a belief in the good in human kind. Oh and strawberries.

My childhood is something that is close to me still. This is why I like strawberries so much – I was born in the month strawberries ripen and that influenced my work as a painter.

The sweet fruits of Elvira Bach's Labor. Photo: Chris Phillips

Art in Berlin allows young, creative artists to live and to live well. Unlike London or New York, you can really live here instead of surviving. The creativity lies in the air of Berlin; they inspire each other.

If my art said one thing to me it would say keep up the good work Elvira.

My advice for all artists is to listen to yourself and work, work, work!

Elvira Bach  [Price range of works: €2,000 – €46,000] 

Article by Tristan Boisvert