Drink Up: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

Well, I think it’s official—Mr. Frosty is back, and those dreams I’ve been having of open-airs, BBQs and long Berlin nights are pretty well squashed; well, except for the part about the long Berlin nights. In fact, this weekend is all about the long nights, so throw on your snow-boots, pack an extra club matte and get ready to party, yep, you guessed it, alllllll night long. 


Thirsty Thursdays: Thursday 14th, 2013


Gestalten — “Fully Booked: Ink on Paper” Art book launch  — 6pm [8 euros]

One of Berlin’s best art bookstores is proud to present a “showcase of innovative books and other print products at the vanguard of a new era for printed publications—one that is likely to be the most exciting in their entire history.” If you can handle the glimpse into the great unknown, get thee to Gestalten. 


Urbanspree —  “Publik-Privat” Opening   — 7pm

French photographer Blibo Calvez presents 31 portraits of well known musicians, actors and visual artists of the Berlin scene. Urbanspree knows how to put the party in arty, and we hear Peaches will be making an appearance, so this party has just been kicked up to must-see status.


Autocenter  — “The Legend of the Shelves” Opening — 8pm 

Ain’t no party like an Autocenter party. For those of you who have never been to one of the legendary openings, why not start with “The Legend of the Shelves?” Equal parts mysterious and must-see, we’ll be there with bells on. 


Get Your Freak On Friday: Friday 15th, 2013


Mindpirates — Silo Sessions III  — 9pm 

For a truly alternative experience, step right up as Mindpirates open the doors of their silo to “make way for experimentation with a series of concerts exploring the relationship between audio and visual concepts.” This Friday, Berlin-based Peter Kirn draws upon his classical training in composition and performance while “melding minimalist and experimental dance music influences with a focus on texture and abstraction.”


Museum Berggruen  — The Grand Re-Opening  — 7-10pm [8 euros]

After a two-year renovation, this institutional gem featuring the finest in classic modern art is reopening. So if you’re in need of a night with the boys, consider Picasso, Klee, Giacometti and Matisse instead of your usual posse.


Centrum — Kunst Film Fest #1  — 8pm

Featuring Bill Leslie’s “Perfect Geometry” in addition to short video works by Claire Waffel, Una Quigley, Rose Butler and Katie Davis, Centrum is putting together a pretty compelling package. Did I mention there will be a live performance by Darren Pickles?


That’s So Saturday: Friday 16th, 2013


LEAP — Glitch Art Genealogies Performance – 8pm

Whether it’s me in my bedroom with a hairbrush belting it out to Blondie or an assortment of avant-garde artists at the Lab for Electronic Art and Performance, every weekend needs at least a pinch of performance. Head over to LEAP for a non-traditional exploration of art history’s vast and forking family tree. 


Kinkibox — Costume Making Workshop — 2pm-6pm [8 euros]

For those of you who didn’t know that Saint Patrick’s Day necessitated costumes, let me just say “shame on you.” Start the party (which actually takes place next week) off right by giving your bedazzler a good workout. Booking is essential, so sign up now: http://gidsy.me/XLfpTn


The Long Night of the Museums – 6pm-2am [18 euros]

It’s here, it’s finally here! The one day of the year where you can throw a trench-coat over your PJs, pack your favorite energy drink and prepare to live the dream of wandering the halls of your favorite museum long after dark. From the Science Center to the Zoo to the Martin Gropius Bau, no door is closed to you—if you can make it there before 2am, that is. For more information, click here.


Article by Hannah Nelson-Teutsch