Doomsday Dates: Berlin’s Best Weekend Art Events

Welcome to the last weekend of our lives! If the Mayans are right, then we can all expect to spend this Friday the 21st as our last night on Earth. So if you’re curious about how you should spend your apocalyptic weekend, look no further: Berlin-Artparasites has you covered with our curated list below!

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Silberkuppe – “Top Shoppe” by Sean McNanney, Exhibition Opening – 7-9pm (Free)

The Kruezberg-based gallery conveniently located near the Schlesisches Tor stop invites you to enjoy your second to last night on earth with the opening of an exhibition of works by artist Sean McNanney. The small exhibition space never fails to disappoint, and while you’re there you can always stop by Berlin’s favorite bookshop: Motto.

HomeBase Project – Screening Night: Berlinized “Sexy An Eis” – 8pm (4 euro)

Appreciate Berlin history before you start your weekend of mayhem! At the northern Berlin artists’ residency HomeBase, the director Lucian Basse will present his film about Mitte in the 1990’s and its thriving music scene. The film will be followed by a Q & A with the director himself!

Kater Holzig – “Virginised” by Chris Scherer, Exhibition Opening – 8-11pm (12.50 euro, includes club entrance)

Australian dancer/choreographer presents a dual night performance to explore dance culture from the “perspective of a dance stereotype.” Set around a character devoted to jazz, the audience will be presented with documentary footage that borders the line between fiction and reality, thereby deconstructing the boundary between performer and character.

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Friday, December 21st, 2012

Gallery Art Claims Impulse – “BLOOD SPERM TEARS”, Solo Exhibition Opening – 7pm (Free)

Provided half the world isn’t on fire yet, start your night off with an exhibition especially devoted to Armageddon. Anna-Maria Sommer presents viewers a “series of papers” that border between trashy and beauty that will remind you of the work of Tracey Emin or the late Dash Snow. This exhibition promises to put your mind in the right place for the night’s apocalyptic-inspired parties.

Stattberlin – Last Sup(p)er, a dinner with all artists currently exhibited at Stattberlin –7pm to 10pm (Free, but encouraged to bring drinks/food/art to share)

It’s important to refuel while the impending fate of the world approaches, so why not dine with a few artists? The appropriately titled dinner invites Berliner’s to enjoy one final meal with artists exhibiting at Stattberlin before the end of the world. Don’t forget to bring some of your own art, as this may be your last chance to exhibit!

WYSIWYG – QueerRiotClub vs. Goys N’Birls [Queer Riot Art, Show & DJs] – 9pm-All Night Long

Do you remember in The Matrix Reloaded where although the people of Zion knew they were going to die soon, they decided to spend their last nights alive having an insanely huge dance party? Well, the closest thing you’ll ever experience to that will be Friday night at WYSIWYG. Featuring 3 Rooms, 9 DJ’s, 4 Artists, and 15 Acts, this promises to be one hell of a send off!

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Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Zweigstelle Berlin – Finissage for “Arrachage” – 2pm (Free)

Depending on how many bridges you burned the night before thinking that there wouldn’t be a tomorrow, invite your remaining friends so see the closing of an exhibition featuring 100 new paper works by Laurence Grave. Also make sure to stop by their bookshop that features myriad stationary collections of some of your favorite artists.

Skalitzers Contemporary Art – “Silence is a Rhythm Too” Solo Exhibition by Danny Gretscher (Free)

Later on, take some time to visit this short, week-long exhibition at Skatlizers Contemporary Art. The exhibition features work by artist Danny Gretscher and is conveniently placed within the small commune known as the RAW Tempel. This community’s embracement of graffiti and urban decay will definitely be appropriate for your doom-laden weekend.

Although it wasn’t our last day on Earth yesterday, Saturday marks the final day for a few excellent exhibitions here in Berlin, so make sure you catch them before they go the way of the Mayans:

Johann KoenigJohannes Wohnseifer: “Water From A Melted Ice Sculpture

Wien LukatschLuca Frei: “Two Lives, A Bridge

Capitain Petzel – Peter Piller: “Tatsächliche Vermutungen

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Article by James Shaeffer