Don’t Just Sit Back and Relax!

Like Manish Nai, whose opening is this weekend, you could sit back and relax or you could get up and go because this weekend is packed full of fresh opening parties!

This weekend, galleries all over Berlin have opening parties. From abstract contemporary sculpture to a bodiless white buffalo, there is something to excite everyone! Either sit back and relax at your favourite exhibition, or make the Weekend exciting and see how many opening parties you can fit into three days! The game begins!

Thursday 21st Openings:

General Public Julia Kissina, Lucy Powell “Komplexraum #2”, 7pm
Thought you were having a bad hair day? It could be worse, your hair could be covered in raw meat…it’s possible! The Second instalment of this extreme year-long, four-part exhibition features the meaty photography of Kissina!

Galerie Barbara Weiss Raoul De Keyser “To Walk”, 6 – 9pm
This artist was born in 1930 and must have seen an awful lot in this time! His abstract paintings remain fresh and vibrant, and the colours continue to captivate!

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Friday 22nd Openings:

Galerie Gebr. Lehmann Manish Nai “Compact”, 6 – 9pm
Manish Nai’s intriguing works compact things you come across in your daily life! From tin to cloth, nothing escapes his sculpting! The art looks really interesting and unusual. Nai (pictured) will be at the opening and what’s more…they are having a barbeque AND showing the football match……perfect opening party? I think so! Who else is coming with us?

Duve Berlin Ulrich Erben “Raum – Bilder” 6 – 8:30pm
This is to be the last exhibition to be held by Duve at this space before they move to a new gallery space! It is also the last exhibition before the summer break, so make the most of this great art space! 

Konrad Fischer Galerie Harald Klingelhöller “Neue Skulpturen”
How can sculpture be linked to linguistic? Find out in this exhibition from the revolutionary artist Harald Klingelhöller, who uses really unusual materials to build his artworks such as paper combined with steel!

Galerie Christian Nagel Guillaume Bijl “Compositions”
Bijl’s installations have caused much interest since the 80s and continue to excite the mind and eye. The artist categorizes his art under various unusual titles, and you should look out for his white buffalo head, which surely falls into his “sorry” category!

Galerie Nordenhake Esko Männikkö, Marjetica Potr?, Leon Tarasewicz a.o. “Summershow”, 6 – 9pm
Summer is finally here for Galerie Nordenhake, even though the rest of Berlin seems to be still trapped in a very wet spring! Why not head to the exhibition to see if the sun is shining on their opening party, if not at least there will be some good art to cheer you up!

Galeria Plan B Group Exhibition “Haunting Monumentailty”, 6 – 10pm
From abstract art to photography the various works in this exhibition are bought together as they analyze the function of memory. Although the title sound daunting, the works on display will not only be thought provoking but will also have a fun experimentalist side.

Galerija Gregor Podnar Vadim Fiškin “Light Matters 2”, 6 – 9pm
Light really does matter, especially for Fiškin in whose work it plays a lead role. Fiškin’s works appear almost like science-fiction – be prepared to be abducted by art.

Galerie Tanja Wagner Ao Tajima “Unbearable 46400g”, 6 – 9pm
A mix of furniture is placed out of its daily situation and surrounded by golden chains hanging from the ceiling and transforing Galerie Tanja Wager for the japanese artist Tajima’s “Unbearable 46400g” exhibition. Despite the name, the exhibition looks far from unbearable and the title is actually based on the entire weight of the furniture!

?ak | Branicka Group Exhibition “From the Sunniest Day to the Darkest Night”, 6 – 9pm
Sunny days and dark nights are pretty much the opposite of one another and conjure up different feelings and associations . The exhibition should be varied and contrasting and the artparasites will be there to invade the opening, so come and tell us your opinion!

Schinkel Pavillon Karla Black, 6 – 9pm
Karla Black’s large scale sculptures use traditional artistic materials to create abstract forms at the Schinkel Pavillon. Pinks and pastels often seem to have been caught mid-movement but stationary and we are excited to see what she comes up with for this exhibition.

Galerie Crone Caroline Bachmann Stefan banz “Alive Has No Sound”, 6 – 9pm
I always life was one of the loudest things there is, but according to these two talented artists it’s silent. I wonder what silence looks like? Let’s find out at Galerie Crone!

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Saturday 23rd Openings:

Grimmuseum Cia Rinne “Sounds for Soloists”, 7pm
Witness the transformation of a multi-lingual voice into a unique and complex musical instrument created by Scandinavian poet and artist, Cia Rinne.

Autocenter Rick Buckley “Jack’s Union”, 8pm
Autocenter has been showcasing the work of young artists for over 10 years now, see what they have in store for you this weekend!

Galerie Max Hetzler Georg Herold “Werke aus den 80er Jahren”
Max Hetzler is one of the big players in the gallery world and always puts on an exciting exhibition. Georg Herold’s works from the crazy eighties will surely add to this string of great exhibitions!

Wien Lukatsch Jimmie Durham “Too Long and Drawn Out”, 4 – 7pm
Jimmie Durham, the well-known American sculptor, graces Berlin with the presence of his fascinating works for the next two months. Celebrate their arrival at Wien Lukatsch.

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