Don’t Be Shy, Open Up Your Eyes To This NYC Weekend!

With so much art raging in the city right now, what should you go see? Get ready for the trenches this weekend with our picks of amazing openings and events. 

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Sikkema Jenkins & Co – "Leslie Hewitt" Opening – 6pm
Playing with space and time, Leslie Hewitt explores the function of memory by re-photographing her own bodies of work. Layers of frames within frames create a synergy of experiences and leave the viewer feeling as though they are slipping through time; connected to the content, but also disconnected as a voyeur.
Apexart – "Death Of A Cameraman" Opening – 6pm
Apexart opens a dialogue on the nature of photojournalism and the role amateur documentation places in today's heated political climate. Works from Broomberg & Chanarin, Harun Farocki, Rabih Mroué, Hrair Sarkissian and Rudolf Steiner explore the violent act of photography utilizing unique and surprising methods.
In this humorous and narrative solo show, Tad Lauritzen Wright plays with text, collage and illustration and experiments with abstraction to tackle ideas of social interaction and the spirit of human self consideration. The exciting and lively imagery references the roles of pop art and naivety within contemporary art making.
Friday, September 13th, 2013
Canada New York – "A Hawk From A Handsaw" Opening – 6:30pm
Poland born artist Joanna Malinowska brings together art and cultural anthropology with an elegant confrontation of history and Western art.  Through sculpture and multi-media installation, she brings forward the competing natures of that which we know and that which we aim to discover.
Salon 94 – "Nature is my Church" Opening – 6pm
With a spotlight on the natural world, artist Lucien Smith builds a suppositional archive and presents it as an academic institution, shining a light on the lost conviction of the modern age. With references to old masters, Nature is my Church gives viewers a sense of the greater importance of natural systems.
Centotto – "Portfolio x Appunti 7 Re:Documents" Opening & Artist Talk – 7pm
In an ongoing series, this Bushwick parlor gallery takes an intimate look at artists and their portfolios. This week, artist to watch Paul Gagner opens himself to New York with a discussion about his work, using humor and absurdity to encourage viewers to consider serious situations.
Saturday, September 14th, 2013
Parallel Art Space – "All-over or nothing" Opening – 6pm
This group show looks at the play of surface treatment in painting, with works by Paul Corio, Theresa Daddezio, Nate Ethier, Patricia Fabricant, Peter Lapsley, Max Warsh, and Carleen Zimbalatti. Collectively, the pieces create geometric and organic displays of abstraction, zeroing in on the microcosmic world of the canvas.
Bjarne Melgaard's violent and expressionist works make a deliberate mockery of the highly prolific artist himself in this solo show at Gavin Brown's Enterprise. In addition to his graphic and sometimes explicit artworks, the Norwegian artist brings a literary facet to his works and has penned over a dozen novels.
Rawson Projects – "Me, Myself and Jah" Opening – 6pm
In her illustrative work, Jamian Juliano-Villani uses graphic imagery to create an unabashed indulgent fantasy world. With neon colors and bold lines, viewers are asked to decide which trips to loose themselves in and which are terrifying and completely out of control.
Article by Meredith Caraher